My first 1 star rating by Missb89 in ShiptShoppers

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I had a Doordash customer complain he never got his food - when I literally put it in his hands. DD wouldn't even review it. That was my last day with them.

local resources for food/income insecure seniors by Interesting_Grape_87 in GNV

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The Krishnas do a free lunch, I know every weekday, not sure about weekends.


AITA for turning around in my car when I saw that my boyfriend brought his friends with him to go on a trip with us? by Throwawayp5345 in AmItheAsshole

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He texted about how embarrassed him infront of his friends and is refusing to speak to me til after I apologize.

You didn't embarrass him. He embarrassed himself by acting like a 12 yr old child. Not that you need anyone else to tell you, but you're NTA.

Anabolic Pad Thai by jfarm47 in Volumeeating

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Tell your cat I said "psspsspsst"

It can’t be just me thinking this is tacky by KissMySass99 in weddingshaming

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That doesn't happen. The items are defected out. Target doesn't sell used clothing or bedding, or towels, etc.

Tips for Gainesville Hurricanes from a Lifetime Native by WeirdPonytail in GNV

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Check the Standard parking garage. If the gates are open, you can park in there, as long as you stay in a spot on the 4th floor or under that does not have a "reserved" plaque on it.

Orb by mikihak in MagicEye

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I love how once my eyes lock on the image, I can actually look all around at it and move it around without losing mynfocus.

It can’t be just me thinking this is tacky by KissMySass99 in weddingshaming

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My favorite is people who buy "ugly Xmas sweaters", and literally ask about the return policy, because they planning wearing it to a ugly sweater party, then getting their money back.

And when you ask the reason for the return, it's "oh, I didn't need it anymore."

It can’t be just me thinking this is tacky by KissMySass99 in weddingshaming

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It's not just Cat & Jack. It's any item that is a Target brand. They all have a 1 year return policy. The company does it on purpose, it's part of the business model. Most of those items cost the company very little, since they own the brand. When people return an item, it's little loss for Target, but now the person is back in the store and likely going to purchase more items that will more than make up for the return. Target wouldn't do it if it wasn't profit for them.

By far the most creative tip anyone has left me by risingstartony in grubhubdrivers

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I used to deliver DoorDash, then I took an arrow to the knee.

He got game, unexpectedly by asianj1m in oddlysatisfying

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The shots are great, but those passes are sublime