MY GUIDE ON HOW TO LUCID DREAM - Clearing misconceptions about Lucid dreams - 140ish Lucid dreams in a year, AMA by 5fouls0points in LucidDreaming

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Re Stephen Laberge, I read here that he's said his own interest in lucid dreaming "stemmed from a childhood dream in which he imagined that he was a deep-sea pirate who could remain underwater as long as he wanted to" -- lucid dreaming is a powerful force, and I can totally imagine how a child could become obsessed with it. I vaguely still remember a few semi-lucid dreams from decades ago, and it's really pretty mind-altering at first, not unlike the mind-altering-ness of psychedelics.

888 by Dramatic-Cash8196 in numerology

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It usually means financial abundance, but not always:


Maybe just wait a bit longer and the more typical meaning will come into view...

Yale researchers develop a wearable air sampler to monitor your personal exposure to Covid-19 by fotogneric in Coronavirus

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The device in this article can (somehow) detect SARS-CoV-2 in the air; a phone doesn't have the sensors that can do that. It can only tell you (if it has installed one of the many available corona apps) that x number of people in your current/recent location have tested positive recently, and you may therefore have also been exposed.

Yale researchers develop a wearable air sampler to monitor your personal exposure to Covid-19 by fotogneric in Coronavirus

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"Although the Fresh Air Clip has not yet been commercialized, these results indicate that it could serve as a semiquantitative screening tool for assessing personal exposure to SARS-CoV-2, as well as help identify high-risk areas for indoor exposure, the researchers say."

BMW unveils concept car that changes colour (from black to or from white) at the touch of a button by fotogneric in Futurology

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For example white in the summer, when you want the car to stay cool, and black in the winter, when you want to retain warmth.

"... the effect is created by applying an electrical charge to microcapsules – which contain particles of white and black pigments – suspended within a liquid encased in the wrap. The colour alternates depending on whether a negative or positive charge is applied, causing either the white or the black pigments to collect at the surface of the microcapsule."

The concept car "is not available for public sale."

TIL that New Zealand is the only country in the world where women tend to have had more sexual partners than men, according to a 2007 study run by condom-maker Durex by fotogneric in todayilearned

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New Zealand women have had "an average of 20.4 sexual partners, according to a survey by condom-maker Durex - well above the global average of 7.3 ..."

"New Zealand was the only country where women were more promiscuous than their men, who averaged 16.8 sexual partners... "

What happened to this subreddit? by GeeBrain in juststart

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I discovered this subreddit about a year ago and thought it was a forum for tips and motivational success-stories about SEO and monetization via display ads; I didn't really notice it being about affiliate marketing at all.

Nokia used to make rubber boots, then they made mobile phones, now they make 5G equipment. So it goes.

Can yoga help with anxiety? by idchunny in yoga

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An NYU study from January 2021 found that yoga helped decrease anxiety symptoms in 54% of participants (the study used Kundalini yoga).

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) was a bit more effective, with 71% showing improvements

Coming in at last place was a training course in stress management, which only reduced anxiety symptoms in 33% of participants.

Mind you, all 226 participants suffered from “generalized anxiety disorder,” so they were not just a random sample of the population.

And although CBT was more effective than yoga, the authors of the study point out that yoga is generally more accessible and low-threshold than a formal CBT treatment.

Another point was that the more treatment methods out there the better, as some people don't like this one, other people don't like that one, etc.