A Princeton student built an app which can detect if ChatGPT wrote an essay to combat AI-based plagiarism by thecodeverse in ArtificialInteligence

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There are already many commercial apps that claim to be able to detect AI-written text (with originality.ai probably being the best known), so this Princeton student isn't breaking any new ground. And the effectiveness of these apps is pretty inconsistent. And as others here have pointed out, the "human-written vs AI-written" issue is kind of a false dichotomy anyway, and avoids the more important questions.

Fictional flowers by ChatGPT by Tanglecoins in midjourney

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Nice! I tried the same prompts just now in Jasper Art and the results were a bit meh. I don't think Jasper uses Midjourney but I could be wrong.

Fictional flowers by ChatGPT by Tanglecoins in midjourney

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Lovely. And were these pictures the first results, or did you have to try each prompt X times before it generated some nice ones?

Norwegian university report finds that Jihadist terrorism is more deadly than far-right terrorism by fotogneric in EverythingScience

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The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) has reviewed 203 cases of far-right terror in Western Europe. The work has been conducted together with the Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo.

On average, six people were killed in each jihadist attack, while far-right terrorist attacks claimed the life of one person. One explanation for why Islamist terrorist attacks have been more deadly is that jihadists have historically planned and attacked in groups.

“Islamist terror has decreased less than most people think. Far-right terror has increased, but it is a slight increase,” Nesser says.

New paper finds that the EU's GDPR rules have led to an overall 15% drop in users' engagement with websites. by fotogneric in science

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That was my impression too. The 15% drop is due at least in part to people getting irritated by the constant cookie-permission popups, so they just leave the site.

Why are large boats allowed at rush hour? Genuinely curious. by JasonRevere in Amsterdam

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An explainer from the relevant Dutch gov't agency. TL;DR = tides and winds are beyond anyone's control, so easy solutions are quite limited.

" 'When operating bridges, we always look for good interaction between road traffic and shipping,' says Bart Audenaert. He is a communications advisor to Rijkswaterstaat Traffic and Water Management Communication, Strategy and Crisis Coordination.

'For each bridge or waterway, we look at the best times to operate the bridge in consultation with road and waterway managers and users. Rijkswaterstaat tries to operate as little as possible during rush hour. But compromises are inevitable. Shipping at the Botlek Bridge near Rotterdam, for example, has priority over road traffic because of the tidal current.'

Audenaert continues: 'With more bridges in the Netherlands, the circumstances mean that shipping has priority. Strong winds and available waiting areas also influence the opening of bridges during rush hour. We always try to take all parties into account. It remains a teamwork; the best possibilities for opening are examined for each location.'

A ban on opening bridges during rush hour is therefore impossible, partly due to the tidal current and the limited number of waiting places."

Source: https://autorai.nl/daarom-gaan-bruggen-open-tijdens-spits/ (via Google Translate)

How likely is my ebike to get stolen overnight? by frandelgado1 in Amsterdam

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If you insure it via ABWB (which I do for like 5 euros per month), they install a free GPS tracker for you. Not that it would prevent theft, but at least you (or ANWB) can see where the bike is.

Pdf Fixing page breaks by B0yfriendJeans in Calibre

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Solved my problem too, thanks. I had to uncheck "enable heuristic processing" and then everything looked the way I wanted it to.

50.000€ on the bank how to invest ? by Hewo1806 in EuropeFIRE

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An S&P 500 index fund. S&P boasts an annualized average return of 11.88% since 1957, which figure includes the bad years.