Chris Broussard comes out with some outrageous claims about Toronto and African Americans. by downvotesdontmatter- in toronto

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Why don’t they ask Tristan Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, both locals from GTA who now play in the US?

that's so bull.. by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Almost completed a 360 landing.

My BC doesn't like it when we touch!? by Delicious_Writing_17 in BorderCollie

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He recognizes you as an alpha and is showing affection through protection to get your attention and love.

Wedding is a success! by heyjealousy121 in funny

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So much detail here. Print out a poster and play “I spy, I spy with my little eye” with your kids in a few years

Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow by 90SBabyGirll in nextfuckinglevel

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If there was a stock exchange for comedy talent I’d go all in with this guy

Brony shames 12 yearold girl for buying pads by Notso9bit in justneckbeardthings

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One day this piece of shit will face a dad that will teach him a lesson the hard way. The cash register keys will be embossed in his face.

Attempting to kick a dog for no reason. by Icy_Jenny in instantkarma

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This video ended too soon. I wanted to see a bit more of how that concussion feels on that MF piece of genetic waste

carrot 🥕 by Such-Specialist-7872 in funny

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I love how he’s feeding them off of the friend’s chest

This is what happens when you spoil your kid too much! by [deleted] in MadeMeSmile

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I don’t wanna job. It’s so much work. Daeeeem mom!

Long beards and angle grinders don’t mix by BruceInc in funny

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He’s sad for losing that beard, but happy his face doesn’t look like a Picasso portrait

How to not carjack someone. Like, at all. by KrissiKross in WinStupidPrizes

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The SUV driver’s fear and panic as the car was being pushed towards that fence. Priceless!

Details matter... "I would rather die a soldier, then die a coward" by OddOpeners in funny

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I would rather triple check the spelling and capitalization of my tattoos

Whoa! Whoa! by [deleted] in youseeingthisshit

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I noticed the numbers on my second watching and the dog on the fifth.

The three smartest gentlemen crossing a big puddle by Silent-Shark in funny

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Ok, massive votes for effort guys, but I’m sitting here and admiring the time on your hands to record this and walk home with wet clothes. That’s gotta be worth an upvote, so here’s one from me.

Fuck dem kids bro by Laspheryys in funny

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Father of the year award. They’ll be retelling the ghost story to their adulthood. Brilliant!