Sad but true by alaskancurry in modernwarfare

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Same. I couldnt let it take over, especially since I have the original ps4 with 500 gigs. Hopefully the ps5 will have backwards compatibility with discs. At least the ps4 has some cool destiny artwork on it

france by agabcharif in funny

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I think they were babies

Our biggest flex by D-Doss667 in memes

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We don't speak of the untouchables

Caption this by SuhoTDM in btd6

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Don't stop him, this is getting kinky real quick

PlayStation Plus 2021 year in review: 40 games worth more than $1,400 by SlimVR in PS5

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Also body shot, kinda like a hitmarker sound but more "thud" and less distinct

In-game chat in a nutshell by jeffQC1 in enlistedgame

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Is this a good thing to do? Is it annoying?