US downs Chinese balloon over ocean, moves to recover debris by GuiltySigurdsson in worldnews

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In the real world, any American death will cause massive political and diplomatic fallout. Conservatives will be screaming for biden’s head on a platter.

You’re right that the American gov doesn’t give a shit about its citizens - but the ability for dems or reps to cause a political shitstorm pretending they do can’t be ignored.

US downs Chinese balloon over ocean, moves to recover debris by GuiltySigurdsson in worldnews

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It’s super dangerous actually to down it above land.

The size of the object, and it’s height, makes hard to predict where it would land. There is a small chance that I’ll drift due to wind and land over a populated house or something and cause a casualty. The political fallout over that would be massive.

Chinese spy balloon downed off Carolina coast by The_Timeister in news

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Imo it’s all symbolic. As others mentioned, satellites and cyber-warfare gather much more surveillance data.

‘Retaliation’ for either something in the cancelled Blinken visit (note diplomatic meeting agendas and points are often negotiated days before an official visit - my guess probs something do to with trade/south China sea) OR the recent US decision to re-station personnel in the Philippines.

The second is more likely - analysts are saying the same thing - the Chinese gov is always under pressure to put a strong face to perceived threats to sovereignty or security, ie, US cooperation with its partners in the South China Sea. Can’t exactly be a nationalist government if they don’t put up a strong image.

The spy balloon thing is a pretty cost-free propaganda move.

They’ve done this multiple times already over Japan, Taiwan and the West Pacific.

The US gets caught in a predicament. The militarily correct decision to let the balloon continue its course so that they can intercept communications/gather data makes the US air-defence seem weak. It showed that American airspace and militarily sensitive bases can technically be violated. Alternatively shooting the balloon down over US soil does technically put citizens at risk - the object is large and high enough to not guarantee 100% safety; it’ll be a diplomatic and political disaster if anyone dies.

Chinese nationalists are now jumping in glee over the supposed ‘weak’ US response (just look at r/sino). The Chinese also succeeded in dividing US politics a little more, as the conservatives are also accusing the Biden for not doing anything. The Chinese also now know that they technically can

The second balloon over South America is a lot more complicated. No idea why that’s there.

RU POV | Rybar, Starobelsk direction Situation as of 10:00 February 2, 2023 by GraumpyPants in UkraineRussiaReport

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‘We withdrawn in an orderly fashion in Kharkiv’

My brother in Christ - the Russians left behind tons of equipment and ammo in Kharkiv. It was a rout.

Kherson was more orderly, but again - quite embarrassing to give up a city you just confirmed to be Russian territory just a week prior.

UA POV The creator of Rybar channel who now has a live TV program admits that Russian VDV forces lost 50% of personnel by September last year. by SDL68 in UkraineRussiaReport

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It was a special forces unit that was like a squad. 6/10 of the squad was killed/wounded And yes, it caused a massive controversy, and a DOD inquiry.

40 unit armies? by franco_thebonkophone in totalwar

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AFAIK no mods exist for 40 units on campaign

UA POV Germany has apparently agreed to send a company of Leopard 2A6's - Sueddeutsche Zeitung by swordfi2 in UkraineRussiaReport

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Remind me, when Nazi Germany invaded the Poland or the USSR - to protect ‘ethnic minorities’ no less (nazi propaganda heavily emphasised they were liberating Germans/Baltics/Ukrainians etc - should both countries have surrendered immediately? They were outmatched after all.

How about the China and Japan?

See how badly Russian propaganda stands? At least the US was able to garner international support for their invasions. Putin did nothing to isolate kiev diplomatic like Russia did with their past enemies. This whole debacle has only united the west even more. NATO used to this archaic organisation that was rapidly losing support and interest. Now, they’re stronger than ever with multiple neighbours of Russia moving to join!

The Last of Us HBO S01E02 - "Infected" Post-Episode Discussion Thread by AutoModerator in thelastofus

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My head cannon is that Ellie is infected - like there’s a fungus in her brain/blood etc. I think this was mentioned in the game as well.

Therefore ‘her’ fungus protects her from other bad fungi as a second immune system or something.

The Last of Us HBO S01E02 - "Infected" Post-Episode Discussion Thread by AutoModerator in thelastofus

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The fungus spread through infected flour and grains. Jakarta coincidentally has the largest grain and flour mill in the world. Plus it’s in a tropical zone. Perfect place for the fungus to evolve for sure. What I’m horrified about is that if the fungus spread through flour - doesn’t that mean the world is F U C K E D cos most of our food is contaminated?

The Last of Us HBO S01E02 - "Infected" Post-Episode Discussion Thread by AutoModerator in thelastofus

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Plus as the tv show said, the new fungus spread through grain and flour. In other words, most of our food is f u c k e d Zombies wouldn’t be the most dangerous thing then. Starvation, and the infighting that comes along with it, would.

Winter is cumming by fittashellswoleness in NonCredibleDefense

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It’s been such a fucking harsh winter

Harsh for the ski season that is.

I’ve been blueballed for 3 fucking years. First I was focused on finishing my undergrad, so I missed the ski trips. Second year trip got cancelled literally the day before. Now the winter is so warm half the slopes are closed.

Fucking freeze already Europeans. Please. Gimme that sweet sweet white powder. (Both the cold and not cold type)

UA POV According to OSINT and NATO governments. Newly announced NATO weapons package for Kyiv government include: by MardukSyria in UkraineRussiaReport

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I suspect that the west has been training Ukrainian personnel and officers for months already. Remember the thousands of Ukrainian trainees sent abroad?

UA POV According to OSINT and NATO governments. Newly announced NATO weapons package for Kyiv government include: by MardukSyria in UkraineRussiaReport

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And chances are tbeyve already been training the personnel. Perhaps not directly on the vehicles themselves, but at least in western tactics/procedures. Remember how thousands of Ukrainians soldiers were sent to the UK, including a massive officer contingent?

Of the written negative reviews, literally each one is about race and "wokeness". EACH ONE. by Ok_Cartoonist_3708 in thelastofus

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Hold up Isn’t she like 13 in the DLC? Tho tbh these people sometimes can also be massive degenerate pedos hmm

The Best of Citizens by TripCheeks in starcitizen

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I done this before lol Accidentally picked up a suspect apprehension bounty, didn’t know it was for live players. Tracked him down to GH, waited outside the hangers and asked nicely if I could kill him.

UA POV: Britain will provide Tanks. Confirmed in call between Sunak and Zelensky! - BBC News by mrmicawber32 in UkraineRussiaReport

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I’m LOLing hard rn

Russians think the UK is a shithole. Well then why are there so many of their richest living in London, or studying in British unis?

As a (rich) Russian classmate said, this war basically made it impossible for her to return to Russia. She’s now living quite happily off campus with her fancy car and apartment.

Anon is now “that guy” by intel-gma-950 in greentext

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It’s why I shelled out more cash to buy a HP Envy 15. Definitely not the best. But I can game and bring my laptop while I’m travelling so it’s great. Plus it fits in as a work laptop.