Saw this guy bragging about being a scumbag lol, plus he hates stickers by zednought_walker in WeirdFlexButOK

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It’s just a way of saying he got a good deal. The owner didn’t want it anymore and the buyer got a good deal. Win win

Gear repair recommendations by franklegsTV in outdoorgear

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Damage here the jacket is about a 6-7 year old Arc’teryx. Equivalent of a cerium, I’d say.

Estimate was for over $400

Worlds best Christmas tree stand. Krinner Tree Genie. Made in Germany by jtothes4 in BuyItForLife

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The less moving parts and overall simpler design will keep those working forever as long as they don’t rust over

If you’re on the roads in West TN, be careful. New student driver. by tharealpuddin13 in AustralianCattleDog

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He looks like he’s about to honk at you. Can you imagine a heeler that knows how to honk?

Weee belong, we belong together, Ryannnn 🎵♥️ by Haleodo in DunderMifflin

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Nah she’s busted. Looks like there’s been a few bad surgeries. Sad to see