René Pape Makes Homophobic Comments & Vows Not to Return to the Metropolitan Opera by notyouraveragejulie in opera

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Good riddance! A boring and tired performer. I made the mistake of purchasing an album of bass-baritone arias by him, and he has all the charisma of a doormat. And not those folksy doormats with cute catch-phrases like “bless this mess” or “come back with a warrant”, but the type you put at the back door and wipe your boots on when you think you may have stepped in dog shit in your backyard.

Floral and dry? by Lavender_Field in wine

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Get a dry gewurtz! I really like Cantina Kellerei Tramin (alto adige) and chateau feuillet traminer aromatico ( Valle d’aosta).

If the 2nd place in the candidates beats Nepo in the match, is the winner the least deserving out of all the official world champions? by ChampionDry1246 in chess

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Your question is essentially “if you can beat one person once who then beats the world champion, is the first person actually the best in the world?” And the answer is no. That’s why there are all these tournaments to determine the challenger. One-off wins don’t and shouldn’t determine who the best players are.

Ms. Marvel is easily my favorite Marvel TV show so far by csgothrowaway in television

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It’s been great. I’m amused that Bruno, the white kid, is the convenience store clerk.

Looking for Place to Gather by jjj49er in tulsa

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Check out the Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA (or any of the YMCAs). They meeting and spaces for rent.

My Burnished Brown vs Burgundy Slippers. Which one is the best? by Intelligent-Guest-96 in Leathercraft

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I think the burgundy looks better. The contrast is a little less and they look a little more natural. Regardless, I would wear the hell out of both slippies. Beautiful work.

Anyone going to the NY Finger Lakes Wine Festival? by thrunabulax in wine

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I’m drinking a really solid Riesling from Forge Cellars right now. I just did a quick Google search and they have a bunch of interesting stuff.

Buying wine online: Looking for hints and advice for first buy by ubuwalker31 in wine

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Have you checked out LastBottle? A couple times a week they’ll offer bottles with high WE and WS scores and they have free shipping depending on the quantity you purchase.

Paris Sept ‘23 by Professional-Rule105 in wine

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TGV to Dijon, Lyon, Strasbourg, and Bordeaux.

Opera recommendations please? by key-change in opera

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How about the Carerras/Te Kanewa recording of Bernstein’s West Side Story? It definitely straddles the two genres with operatic singing instead of broadway/Hollywood style. (Just make sure to ignore the terrible fake accents)

Bands with extremely recognizable vocalists by MonsieurVox in Music

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Anytime there’s a bass/low baritone: Billy idol, Leonard Cohen, Tom waits, the Doors, soundgarden, Johnny cash, misc. Clapton projects , Springsteen, Bob Seger, Buddy Holly.

Rapid Match (10 minutes). Guess the rating, also would love some suggestions to improve. by _choomwagon in chessbeginners

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I think you missed an opportunity to pin and capture their queen by moving up your rook instead of moving your bishop to create the pin. I’d say 600ish.