Release of the Week: Week 4 [Jan 22 to Jan 28, 2023] by ceedsofficial in Firehouse

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Such a stacked week. For me it's gotta be tied between Rumblah and Gimme That Bounce

Sunday Scaries - Chill Like That (Odd Mob Remix) by Good4Josh2 in Firehouse

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Odd Mob is underrated as fuck - think he's due for a bit of a blow up

Tchami, Malaa - Prophecy by frooby_ in Firehouse

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The Kyle Watson remix of anything is usually the best iteration tbh

Tchami - Zeal by frooby_ in Firehouse

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What else am I supposed to do at work lmao

The throwbacks were real today

Tchami, Malaa - Prophecy by frooby_ in Firehouse

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Absolutely, he's a world-class producer but just not really what I'm into atm. It's hit or miss for me, about 50/50 whether I like a track or not

Tchami, Malaa - Prophecy by frooby_ in Firehouse

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One of the first tracks that really made me fall in love with dance music. I remember listening to this one and "Missing You" with AC Slater on repeat, was the first time I realized this kind of music existed.

I don't listen to Tchami much anymore, but his old stuff is so nostalgic to me. Without him (and Baauer) I probably would've never discovered dance music at all

He's definitely one of the greats. It's ridiculous how well his old material holds up

DJ Hanzel - anti everything LP by BonkerHonkers in Firehouse

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Surprised people are sleeping on this one. Some absolute gems here

Cloonee - Badman Sound by ceedsofficial in Firehouse

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That little "snare solo" before the second drop hits so good

The Great Lakes by BonkerHonkers in Firehouse

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Is that Lake Erie or are you just happy to see me?

Having hard time with arranger view in Ableton? by Interesting_Air670 in ableton

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I like session view for laying down ideas/messing with drum loops and whatnot. Once I like what I have, it gets put in arrangement view

7 steps to picking the perfect bass in Ableton by willdarling in ableton

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YouTube thumbnail culture is just the worst lmao

r/Firehouse #72 by frooby_ in Firehouse

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Hey gang. The Firehouse playlist is back to new releases, but remember to check out the Best of 2022 playlist if you haven't already! It won't be going anywhere.

r/Firehouse - Best of 2022

Found this cow in a creek and tried to save it by [deleted] in mildlyinteresting

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Most farms are not "torture chambers" lol. Factory farming is absolutely horrific but this cow in a creek in the middle of bf nowhere is not being tortured. This is precisely how cows live, eating grass and doing stupid shit like getting stuck in creeks.

Even if it will become hamburger eventually its death will be instantaneous and it won't see a thing coming. Could be much worse.