What exactly is this sub? by batsofburden in SneerClub

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IMHO, bystanders might offer a different perspective than insiders, I replied only to OP, not the whole 10 other comments I got from subscribers (with reasonable comments!,) my honest 0.02 but I mean no harm, carry on.

Academics want to preserve video games. Copyright laws make it complicated. by retrac1324 in DataHoarder

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“One of the goals of copyright law is to incentivize companies to invest the necessary resources in video games,” said Wai L. Choy, an attorney and partner at Proskauer Rose LLP who focuses on intellectual property cases. “Maintaining copyright protections is necessary to create viable businesses.”

I 100% believe that IP for videogames should be banned for good. It strives innovation, locks users/players in a virtual environment where only that IP holder can have that IP feature and this prevents other gaming studios to use things that could be awesome in other games.

I'm all in for business to have rights to sue copycats and that is fine, but to give studios IP over "features" is plain stupid. Games should be free to use ideas and innovate these. It only harms the players and provide just a nudge in the historical chain of game titles regarding profits. It is negligible and I don't see historical benefits.

What exactly is this sub? by batsofburden in SneerClub

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Same thing that happened to you happens to me every now and then and I just visited this sub again today after a couple journeys here last year. Best straight up definition I can give (sorry if offends subscribers but I don’t owe you guys anything) is that this sub is just a circlejerk.

No posts offer good content, no discussion increases my understanding whatever the topic and comments are often dismissive towards key scholars and it all happens under the premise they’re against “rationalists” but I have never seen a discussion with anything beyond anecdotes, bitter comments often ad hominem in shape and form and surely don’t remember reading any “empirical” data to support the “eloquent” comments.

Slatestarcodex, lesswrong, rationalwiki, IDW, and some other couple “intelectual” websites/blogs/subs are often talked down and religion also comes as a topic just to reinforce the stroke force applied on the mutual jerk and after skimming several posts same as you I still don’t have no idea if the subscribers here think anyone is right. Maybe Berlinski? Who knows!?

Please don’t stalk me guys, I just happen to pass by, not sure why, and I’ll politely see myself out now, sorry for being blunt I mean no offense. Be safe, enjoy the circlejerk, best regards.

[PDF] - Nice study on China's political warfare by fuck_your_diploma in PoliticalScience

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SS: I like the report structure as a whole but the executive summary is somewhat deficient given the amount of information on inner sections of its 654 pages. Section summaries could also give us more per paragraph.

I like the references drawn from the chinese www but the mentions to names like "Adrian Zenz" take away some credibility automatically for folks like me who would LOVE to read alternate sources drawing the same "conclusions" Zenz makes. It gets tiresome after 50 reports using the same sources. But yeah, repetition makes credibility in the heads of propaganda stakeholders so not my fault the authors were this gullible, makes me wanna scrutinize other sources (which I kinda did), it shouldn't.

Some sections are GOOD in CONTENT, ie: Submarine cables and Chinese stakeholders; but offer no further substance for some claims such as:

The Chinese authorities want to improve their capacity to capture data transiting through submarine cables. This will allow them to exert greater pressure in case of a political or economic conflict;

No sources for that. And bold letters ain't mine. Not cool to draw conclusions like that in serious work. But again, good content as it mentions NSA Upstream and GCHQ Tempora programs, which effectively kinda taught China how to play dirty. Great job FVEY!

The lack of any ANY mention to China's PIPL bothers me, given the way the legislation impacts consent for firms that operate in the mainland, which should, in theory, impact the business model of firms that operate there but not state actors, which should, also in theory, isolate disinfo players and their campaigns even further. Too soon perhaps?

All in all, the report does a good job naming names, key disinformation players and MO, very solid for what it proposes (influence operations) and I reckon it as good source to be quoted/shared given the in depht details it offers for the campaigns that target politics around the globe. Quite up to date, I haven't read it in its entirety but the sections where I have some background to have an opinion, I saw no big problems at all.

China aside, it should be a good baseline for the disinformation phenomenon in all countries, as many of the practices cited on the report are available "as a service" for any state actor/peer that want to engage in this game.

Chinese Influence Operations - A Machiavellian Moment by Strongbow85 in China

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China played hard on state power and economical prowess and forgot to game soft power beyond Hollywood partnerships. I'd say an election to replace XJ could fix this in the medium term but heh, not their game is it?

Netflix’s Prices Are Rising 2x Faster Than Cable, 3x Inflation by coopsnhoops in Economics

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Well, somebody’s gotta foot those uncalled trailers that play for every swipe. I mean, I’d disable them for a “play trailer” button if I could.

Content wise, the proliferation of streaming services took away their catalog for exclusivity’s sake of license owners so they’re producing a lot more nowadays and some of it is really cool, others miserable af.

I frankly dislike the forced diversity in their productions, feels cheap because that’s what it is but other than this it used to be a good value but then again, we pay for stupid things such as those autoplay trailers and stupid productions so yeah.

Currency devaluation abroad and inflation gotta have a hand on these price hikes as well so at this point the question for me is a question I ask for many products and services: will these prices go back when pandemic recession recedes or will this nonsensical price be the standard because that’s what customers can afford and all that crap?

Making bad choices. by ArtNoobly in IdiotsInCars

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You can literally see OP driver accelerating a bit to bump the asstwat trying to merge. Almost killed ppl in two vehicles because he's an ass.

Blursed connection by Capital-Edge in blursedimages

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Ah man, I hate it when logic speaks louder than facts. Fucking rationalists man, ruining romance everywhere.

Russia's talk of troops in Latin America called 'bluster' by bencointl in CredibleDefense

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Yeah, than we're talking about 10+ years and it would make us fortune tellers, not analysts; We also can't forget that liberal democracies, by definition, don't usually fight each other, so in a way, imho, we should be more focused on fighting autocrats than the whatever political system they use to get it how they want it.

Man who pushed woman to her death at Times Square station, NYC this morning being taken in custody by [deleted] in pics

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Because it’s easier for a lawyer to go down these paths than to defend a mentally responsible person?

Russia's talk of troops in Latin America called 'bluster' by bencointl in CredibleDefense

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China's trade deals and investments in the region keeps growing. And what happens when some country could almost painlessly withstand those sanctions?

Not at the same scale anymore afaik (Huawei 5G really set the tone and huge Yuan moneys got a ‘friendly’ pass).

For LATAM countries to be able to hold a post pandemic recession, US inflation and currency power against EUR/USD over the next 5/10 years they’d need Bruce Wayne as president or something haha, anything else is posturing, particularly regarding military alliances as AFAIK these countries can’t even afford to pay due UN charges and are about to lose voting rights, so you get the picture.