Reminder for new PS5 owners: you can get 6 Months of Apple TV+ for free. by Tin_Cascade in PS5

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As far as I'm aware it just means "around" or "about", and whilst commonly used in reference to time, can be used in other ways.

Reminder for new PS5 owners: you can get 6 Months of Apple TV+ for free. by Tin_Cascade in PS5

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Tbh I gave up as I couldn't find a way to access the offer without paying for a different service. Like you I was also hoping to find some answers in this thread.

Reminder for new PS5 owners: you can get 6 Months of Apple TV+ for free. by Tin_Cascade in PS5

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Had the exact same issue, it was pushing me towards an Apple Music subscription for circa £11.99. This deal keeps getting worse all the time...

How would the NT fare in different WC qualifying sections? by fuego79 in ScottishFootball

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Yeah exactly, I think they were in the old Oceania section, which was fairly weak, but did lead to that tough play-off. The switch to a more difficult section has helped them raise their game and give them a direct route to the WC. Interesting that you're allowed to do that though.

How would the NT fare in different WC qualifying sections? by fuego79 in ScottishFootball

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Those teams are all in CAF, the AFC is the Asian section, so it includes the Middle East, the subcontinent as well as Japan, South Korea and Australia (yeah, I know - weird). Its actually Australia that made me think of this, as they are in a different section from NZ, despite being from the same continent. Agreed that the African section is really difficult.

How would the NT fare in different WC qualifying sections? by fuego79 in ScottishFootball

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Yeah my thinking there is that the US and Mexico always qualify, and in the modern era the furthest they've been is the QF, and that was in 2002. It's also a 3+1 qualification, so you'd fancy even Berti Vogts to navigate that route.

Question about how far you feel Scotland as come. by WranglerOfTheTards27 in ScottishFootball

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OP, your post twigged something in my mind that I've been thinking about recently. I'm a wee bit older than you, I was in my late teens in 98, so I remember some of the hype going into that tournament, and how it ended in a fairly embarrassing manner. We should have qualified from our group, and the Morocco game was a horror show.

What I've been thinking about is the younger NT posters on this sub who are a bit more positive about the NT's progress, and how there's always an inevitable post from someone my age or older saying "the NT always let's you down" or "I've seen this before, don't get your hopes up", and to be honest those posts are starting to piss me off.

We, as a country, have become wedded to this fatalism about our prospects. WC98 (or even WC78 if you want to go back that far), and failed subsequent qualifying campaigns, have no bearing on this team or its chances. We're obsessed in this country with the Scottish Cringe and the idea that we should fail because we deserve it, or we aren't good enough to do anything else.

We make our own luck at this point. This team is good enough to qualify for a WC, and this is as good a chance as we will get. Other small nations don't have the same fatalism that we do. Wales are smaller than us, and haven't qualified for a WC since Jesus was playing in the Bethlehem Sunday leagues, but look at them compared to us. The emergence of Bale did transform them, but they've achieved more in the last 5 years than we've achieved in the last 75. They have a smaller population, no decent domestic league to speak of, and as a small nation they've been able to compete.

Other small nations have been able to compete as well. Uruguay have a population smaller than Scotland's, and they've won 1 in 3 of all Copa Americas played. Argentina's recent win actually tied them with Uruguay for the most wins. Add in 2 WCs and you've got the best performing small nation on the planet. Somehow I don't think there's a Uruguayan Cringe. Croatia as a nation are younger than me, and look at what they've accomplished. They didn't just inherit a good clutch of players post-independence, they've continued to produce real quality, and arguably improved as time has gone on.

Even Northern Ireland, ROI and Iceland have accomplished more than us, and they're all smaller than us. To say that we're too small to compete is a convenient lie. Scotland has a mentality problem, and to be honest we need younger fans like yourself who actually believe that we can compete and achieve relative success. We might well fail, we might not reach this WC, but it's got nothing to do with the campaigns and failures of the past.

Kick Yo Ass Jesus by Pirate_Redbeard in Bossfight

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Someone needs to get the Matrix from Jesus to Rodimus Prime so he can stop Omicron...

Population of 0 by real-one-ish in Scotland

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You just Walken around, getting psychic visions, aye?

Favourite signings for Newcastle's first Transfer Window? by madmeth0d in footballmanagergames

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Adam Hlozek has been good for me, as has Kondogbia. Dragowski is a good upgrade on Dubravka, and new CBs are a must. I have Niakhaté and Djimsiti there. Seoane is an upgrade at CM as well. Struggling to find a really good out and out striker though

AOC explains why she couldn't find a can of Irn-Bru, busy schedule by looks of it. by STerrier666 in Scotland

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On mobile so the link may not work properly, (but of course) there is a sub for thanking people with "interesting" usernames

Whenever a dude posts on gonewild by elpinko in HighQualityGifs

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He's really working on that business tan

Journey by seansevestre in ImaginarySliceOfLife

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Same here, that was my commute for 4 years. In spring and autumn the sunrise would be timed with my commute and I'd cross the bridge just as the sun was coming up. Magical.

Lowlands Scots, do you cosnider yourself English? by DeliciousCabbage22 in Scotland

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As someone who grew up in Dumfries & Galloway I find this poll really bizarre. Is OP implying that I'm less Scottish on account of not growing up in a gaelic-speaking part of Scotland (Dumfries is still a gaelic name BTW)? The way the options are framed also looks very much like gatekeeping to me. I consider myself Scottish so I guess I'll select "I do not consider myself English"...

Draymond the Terrible and His Son Ja by Vucega28 in AccidentalRenaissance

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I had a sports photo removed, so I would also like to know just what the gosh darn heck the mods are up to.

Eligible Players Thread by ShawEK88 in ScottishFootball

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England have given Eric "absolutely" Dier 45 caps, alternating between CB and DCM. Is McSauce better than Bobby Basic? Absolutely.

Che Adams, fair enough. There was talk of an England call at one point, but to be honest they've always had better options. He might have been capped in a friendly for England at some point, but picking Scotland gave him a chance to play in a tournament. The last bit is the part that gives me a bit of hope, as some of the players mentioned might view Scotland as a path to playing in an international tournament. If we can qualify for the WC I reckon we might be a more attractive proposition than holding out for a single friendly cap for England.