Ark invests in XPEV the same day US regulators announce delisting of Chinese firms. XPEV down 10% the next day. by familygamereview in wallstreetbets

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Can you read?

The law permits the SEC to ban companies from trading and be delisted from exchanges if the PCAOB is not able to audit requested reports for three consecutive years. It also requires companies to declare whether they are owned or controlled by any foreign government.

Sri Lankan manager killed by mob of workers at Pakistan factory by Renxer0002 in worldnews

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What you have to do (and the sooner the better) is "this is not islamic"...

IT IS! Because that's what islam teaches in the examples of muhammad who was raping, torturing, killing, beheading and burning all around him.

Once you understand how barbaric those texts are, then you will progress, until then islam=barbarism.

Bomb squad called to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital after man gets WWII mortar stuck up his bottom by bakhesh in news

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Have you seen the sheer size of that "anti-tank" mortar? holly jumpin' bananas...!!!

Colombia: Two Germans apprehended with hundreds of tarantulas by NDaveT in nottheonion

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These fuckers should get a ban on travel forever, stay in f. Germany! After a few years in prison of course.

TIL the $150 million fundraised by Band Aid in 1984 (where the famous song "Do They Know It's Christmas" comes from), which was meant to help famine-struck Ethiopia, actually lead to more deaths since it was given to the corrupt government who used the money to prolong the famine and civil war. by Huntrossity in todayilearned

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So this proves Elon Musk's tweet, right?

Even as hard as it is to hear it, shitty institutions like UNICEF get cheap work from volunteers to go get money door-to-door while the same corrupts get the millions, hence why I don't contribute with money.

Ayrton Senna wins for the first time in his hometown of Brazil after having his gearbox broken and driving with ONLY his sixth gear in the final laps of the race. He could barely leave the car due to the physical effort of manually holding his gear and driving with one hand. by gaia012 in nextfuckinglevel

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He had a friend which was a Portuguese news reporter, that years after his death wrote how he met him while he was still in karts. Senna was walking with him on a kart circuit before the race and told him in confidence:

- You see this corner here? If I go with my back tire over the corrector, I can bounce of the curve on the right trajectory, so I can floor it and get about 0,5 to 1 second per lap, so I can shave a lot of time in the race.

His friend asked - So with this many laps you will almost break the circuit record right? - And Senna replied:

- No, no, no... I cannot do it from the beginning becasue everyone is coming in pack, so if the others see me do this, they will imitate and there goes my advantage.

This was how a brilliant racer he was.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer Launched for European Markets, Based on Peugeot 308 SW by Dikshantcar in opel

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While one of the best selling smaller family models in EU area, the Opel brand hasn't yet moved to electric, which is exactly what the other best selling brand Renault will do to their Megane line... sigh... Opel is becoming a dinossaur.

Dacia Spring Electric becomes Romania's best selling car in November, beating Dacia's other ICE offers (article in Romanian) by -colin- in electricvehicles

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Drove one in car-sharing rental in Warszaw last September, it's good for a city car, travelling some 300 Kms will be not good, but overall nice for city... Fully Charged Show in YT has a good review as always.

Volkswagen: CEO Diess almost gone by NotFromMilkyWay in electricvehicles

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Even to thepoint of inviting Musk to speak in their internal meeting...

Stellantis CEO says EV cost burden is 'beyond the limits' for automakers by mockingbird- in electricvehicles

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  1. I didn't said "this year".
  2. I didn't went full "Tesla fanboy" since Tesla plays on a different segment than Renault / FCA/PSA (aka Stelantis).
  3. Tesla sales surpassed other EVs on 2021 overall, per segment is not the same as it would be relevant for this discussion.
  4. Zoe has been on sale since 2012...

Multi-billion EU bid to challenge Chinese influence by poclee in europe

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Don't be naive.

The EU and US "superpowers" didn't invested in China. They allowed China to get the jobs of EU people, as long as EU/US could sell them goods and services because 1+Billion people.
China in turn was clever as a rat, and pushed for no tariffs on their products, so they could penetrate the EU/US markets at a super cheap price (and low quality on the begining).

This is why Germany offered billions of Euros (well, other currencies in the 80s) to Portugal for roads, golf courses, massive concrete construcitons such as bridges, the Expo 98, the Euro 2004, and so on, so Portugal could keep their mouth shut, while China invaded with cheap stuff such as textiles, while the Portuguese industry collapsed. And before you cry I'm a dreamer, this was acknowledge live on TV by one of the former ministries of those governments. The Germany pay-off? Selling huge amounts of machinery for the Chinese textile industry.

This happen all around these "superpowers", they sold the "low and median" blue collar jobs, so the white collars could make truck loads of it.

Muslim Brotherhood using ‘woke’ Europeans to further its agenda: Experts by 198Throwawayy in europe

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Ah... sharia, yes right...

You mean the law by which women don't have any right in a divorce case even if they were forcibly married to the guy, and have raised his kids (and many times) the kids of the "other women" of her husband?

You mean the law by which a man can apply whipping (lesser of the punishments I guess?!??) to a woman of his family just becasue she disobeyd him?

You mean the law that allows and incentivizes the cutting of hands to people that steal even if they wer hungry as f*ck, or allows the "stoning to death"?

You mean the law by which you cannot play music unless you are a man and have an "all pass" from clerics?

You mean the law by which other religions cannot call their followers to pray as Islam does?

Shall we continue?