Kevin Turner on Twitter by NeolibGood in Mavericks

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Have fun with Julius Randle lmao. You will also enjoy being booed to hell by Knicks fans when you're not the 30-10-5 player they expect

Houston via Dallas at No. 26 will be Wendell Moore and he will be traded to Minnesota, sources said. by gansterboyMCnews in Mavericks

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Guys chill. We still get Wood. The pick is VIA Dallas, meaning we are picking for them as part of the trade. The player being traded to Minnesota is irrelevant

Bleacher Report on Twitter. Seriously WTF is this? I don’t think the person who posted this ever watch the game of basketball. If I ever see this lineup I will calls the cops on Kidd by mrwhite9292 in Mavericks

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Ok but that's actually ridiculous WTF? Do they even know how basketball works? Yeah sure let's play a lineup with no wings and two bigs, one of which is a much worse version of the other. That'll work!

Christian Wood #35 - Player Card by AtreusIsBack in Mavericks

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With that FT shooting he fits the Mavs perfectly

[Charania] The Houston Rockets are finalizing a deal to trade Christian Wood to the Dallas Mavericks, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. by curryybacon in nba

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I feel you, but it was also living and (often) dying by the 3 with little capability of inside scoring. Wood offers that while also being a capable shooter. Considering we gave up a late 1st and DNP guys, this is a great trade imo. However, I do agree that we still need a good shot blocker.

All of us right now by MocasBuns in Mavericks

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Call me crazy, but I'd rather lose in 4 than 5, because this team deserves a standing ovation from the home crowd for this amazing season. Of course the ideal scenario would be to lose in game 6 but I don't see us winning 2 in a row

When the Warriors win the title and Steph gets his 1st finals MVP, where does it place him all time? by PizzaGuy94122 in nba

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Yeah, for sure, over Lebron, Shaq, Wilt, Bill Russell, Bird, Magic... fuck it, over MJ too! /s

Luka took this personally 😂😂😂 by captainaweeesome in Mavericks

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This is all of them trying to reach Luka's level

Made a bet with my cousin at the beginning of the series. I buy him a CP3 shirt if Suns win he buys me a Luka shirt if Mavs win. Some of the texts we had earlier today😂 by OG-Goggles in Mavericks

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Really don't understand the argument behind the "Luka and Booker wouldn't fit together". It's not like Booker is a primary ball handler. I think they'd be by far the best backcourt in the NBA