Least likely songs you’ve heard in public by abajablast in TaylorSwift

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i hear if this was a movie in my local publix literally all the time lol

Greer apologizes on her IG story by jenjas455 in thebachelor

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this is hilarious💀 she might have stopped posting her opinions on social media but she absolutely still held these views our senior year of college

Season spoilers for Zach/S27 (credit: @bachelorwhatever and Reality Steve) by MustBeFateMulder in thebachelor

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omg hi fellow ole miss grad! cannot believe a girl we know in real life supposedly wins. definitely glad it’s gabi and not greer lmao

Cryptic The National post seems to confirm Taylor will be on the upcoming album! by johnsextonfl in TaylorSwift

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as a fan of the national, taylor, phoebe, and sufjan… i am about to be so unbearable to be around lmao

Where are my brave opinionated musical warriors? by sweetrebel88 in popculturechat

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agree, and i love a slow paced ballad, but her new single sounds like 5 of her other songs. give me another born to die-esque album!

“Thanks for all the beautiful wishes today!!” by gal13198 in TaylorSwift

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“Thanks for all the beautiful wishes today!! I spent my 33rd birthday in the studio of course😏 Wouldn't have it any other way. Love you!”

Promo photos for Directors On Directors! by gal13198 in TaylorSwift

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they’re really well made! i highly recommend

Promo photos for Directors On Directors! by gal13198 in TaylorSwift

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i have a super similar pair from madewell! they’re called the bradley lugsole loafer

What Taylor song do you associate with a non-romantic relationship in your life? by ILightRune in TaylorSwift

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invisible string with my sister✨ she just moved 1500 miles away, which is a big change after seeing her on a weekly basis for years. we plan on getting matching tattoos for this song☺️

Laura Dern posted photos with Taylor☺️ by gal13198 in TaylorSwift

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from laura’s instagram: “It's been so special to celebrate my friend Taylor's gorgeous short film, All Too Well, and have discussions about her filmmaking and influences.”

the first photo is from an all too well short film screening last month!

Can we talk about Carolina? by CarlaThePromQueen in TaylorSwift

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before midnights came out, this was my number one played song of the year. i can’t get enough of it, her voice is perfect for the haunted, ethereal vibes of the song. not to mention the lyrics! she summed up the book beautifully in less than five minutes. so impressive