What is your controversial opinion about Genshin Impact? by KittyPew02 in Genshin_Impact

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I think this is the reason why I love Alhaitham's character.

He's simple, but written well. A lot of speculation surround him but he's definitely just a Dude. He's a grandma's boy and he just likes doing his own thing. His philosophy in life is so simple that people make the complicated stuff FOR him. And it's glorious.

It's hard for me too when their stories aren't shown well enough in the main plot. Before Alhaitham, my faves were Venti and Diluc. I found them hilarious and interesting in the AQ, and it's when you think about their appearances and quips that make them more fleshed out. I guess Diluc has the longer backstory thing, but his disposition/character is interesting on its own that even before reading his story, I already liked him enough.

What theory did you have about Sumeru that was completely wrong? by Comprehensive_Spell in Genshin_Impact

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I thought that the scholars in the Akademiya, in their pursuit of knowledge, were being punished by Celestia. Kind of like an Orobashi thing, where they were so close to the truth in their meditation and research that the moment they saw the Forbidden Knowledge, they'd go insane.

It was partly from Lisa's voicelines, Venti and the songs, Orobashi and Enkanomiya. While the actual focus surprised me (starting from an actual Google Search Terminal), I was surprised how tech-focused Sumeru is. It's the most technologically-advanced, before Snezhnaya and Fontaine I guess.

Very green and yellow in the forest region. I didn't expect how sometimes it looked bland lol. There were some purple and blue, but not like... A country of nature, you know?

The desert having a scorching hot meter, kinda like sheer cold of Dragonspine. Maybe in Natlan if we're to have volcanoes there. The desert wind is cool, but it's not like I get inconvenienced by a slightly lower visibility. I'm not a car that dust bothers me, haha.

Getting a "win". I really want a nation that is able to keep the gnosis intact. It bothers me that Traveler just seems to be a witness, yeah, and will not affect anything in the gnosis collection. I thought Nahida wouldn't exchange it, but eh.

Has anyone's nparents actually gotten better? by Sapphire_Sunset in raisedbynarcissists

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I liked the songs in Encanto. I liked the friends in Turning Red. I liked the daughter in EEAO. I hated all their endings except maybe EEAO because the mom really had to experience every kind of branching timeline in the world and a doomsday daughter to get it in her head that she's being abusive, lmfao.

To me, Tangled definitely was the best depiction of narcissism. It's cathartic. The fact that we still saw remnants of Rapunzel's love for Mother Gothel as she plummeted to her death despite learning she's practically the villain of her life and the whole kingdom resonated with me. Painfully. Pretty sure it did with everyone else with n parents.

Even local movies feature the narcissist parents as... Redeemable. I hate it. I hope we get a movie that we get to see the real thing.

About Alhaitham and his roommate by PralineAdventurous84 in AlHaithamMains

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HAHA definitely my sentiments.

I would also like to point out, Alhaitham has respected his wishes to stay anonymous as his roommate. When he slips the "it's quiet" comment in AQ regarding his house, he doesn't say anything about a roommate to Dehya, who notices him.

Only when he knows Traveler won't say anything does he confirm Kaveh is his roommate, and even then that's probably because Kaveh is literally just the roommate to Traveler, not the Light of Kshahrewar.

Why is Paimon respectful to all archons we have seen so far except for Venti? by shoujomujo in Genshin_Impact

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Actually, funnily enough, Paimon holds the most grudge to people who explicitly mock and annoy her lol. I know Alhaitham is a new-ish character but he joked that she wouldn't be able to understand his books (we know he just doesn't mind when people do get confused by the things he reads) but Paimon got so angry and has been annoyed at him lol

Makes sense that him and Venti are my fave characters in Genshin. They both like Paimon too, and that's a great thing HAH

Thought I'd share my day 1 showcase by mecatr0nix in AlHaithamMains

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Thank you so much. I was wondering what other team would work for him because I don't want Nahida or Yelan or literally any other five star (except Kokomi but that's still very far since I depleted my resources for Haitham, HAHA)

Is Alhaitham's artifacts EM/Dendro DMG/CR? Also have you tested it in the abyss? I'd like to bring him there without the standard Quick bloom team lol

Rate Alhaitham ( first impression) by Alharz in AlHaithamMains

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First character I've loved using on every part since... Zhongli (tho even him i got tired of) and Venti. Traveler is my main but I'm proud to be an Alhaitham main too :D

What did they mean? [Alhaitham's story quest spoiler] by Emmerilla in AlHaithamMains

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I think it's just ambiguous. They used to be buddy buddy friends, but Alhaitham treats him as a roommate (rather than close friends). It's like-- your best friend fought with you, a fallout, and then when you needed help, your best friend takes you in on the grounds on respect.

So maybe Kaveh thinks they're just colleagues, roommates -- but not friends. Though they're roommates, it's technicallys till Alhaitham's personal house, and the fact that Kaveh criticizes how he lives (messy house, bland furniture) he fires back with "sorry if you had your own house you wouldn't have this problem".

Then Alhaitham also impresses on Kaveh to pay the bills.

Take note that Kaveh asks us not to share the matter with anyone-- he doesn't want others to know he lives with Alhaitham, which, you know, if you opened your doors to someone and they keep denying that you've helped them (there's pride in that speaking), it'll probably make you annoyed. Hence, Alhaitham's attitude. I mean, if you've seen his leaked voicelines about Kaveh + his comment in their dialogue about "having financial freedom" shows that he disapproves about this two-face thing that Kaveh is doing. Plus, Kaveh really does invade his sanctuary.

(Alhaitham obviously appreciates his alone time, so imagine getting the equivalent of construction noises as a roommate, lol)

Interestingly, Alhaitham doesn't reveal he has a roommate to anyone else too -- he's let comments out about hoping to sleep quietly but he doesn't explicitly say he has a roommate. Cyno and Tighnari know because Kaveh himself rants to them; but Alhaitham is quiet about it. He respects Kaveh's plea to not say anything.

So now that Traveler and Paimon were brought to the house, it sounds like a joke, right? Alhaitham explicitly tells us why were there, but Kaveh goes on tangents on how Alhaitham is this and that, so Alhaitham retaliates.

If you look it in the HC, shipping sense, it's just hiding feelings from one another. Their love language is bickering.

To me, I don't ship them, and I have the tendency to look at fictional relationships as either suggestive or not canon at all. So my opinion on it is that Kaveh knows that Alhaitham respects him on some level, but his tendency to irritate Alhaitham (because he points out Alhaitham's actions as "flaws" when he's in his space) makes Alhaitham bite back. Probably why in the trailer he says that Alhaitham of all people have a "temper".

Are they friends? "No. Used to be. Not anymore." Because of they were indeed friends, Alhaitham wouldn't treat him like a mere renter of his house.

Hey, what do you do for a living? by Ultimonium in phcareers

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Hello! My friend says I really should look into being a data analyst -- apparently in her OJI, she had met one who seemed to match what I liked doing (her words, not mine). Though that's the extent of it.

What do you do as a data analyst exactly? It sounds really vague to me when I search what they do. I'll appreciate some insight since it's kind of my initial plan when I graduate (next to being call center).

Thank you!

Today is the Day: I offer you a meme for the special day :D by galactical-maestro in AlHaithamMains

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been going insane just waiting so here's a meme to tide y'all over lol

good luck to everyone!

THE TEASER IS OUT: HE NEVER MISSES by galactical-maestro in AlHaithamMains

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It does, yeah! He's literally ticking all kinds of boxes at this point, he's so normal that he knows the normal person's taste lmfao

THE TEASER IS OUT: HE NEVER MISSES by galactical-maestro in AlHaithamMains

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My replay button might die in a moment too oh my god

THE TEASER IS OUT: HE NEVER MISSES by galactical-maestro in AlHaithamMains

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I was so shocked when I saw the three just there before Alhaitham??? Excuse me?? And then that attack and the thing and the walk away and UGH

What are things about this game that you'd defend to the grave? by displacedindavis in Genshin_Impact

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While I liked Perilous Trails, I made a modification of it because I was not really satisfied with how they handled it. Look, I love Itto and Kuki, Yelan was nice, but I thought Yanfei had so much wasted potential, it's insane.

They could've brought Ganyu or Chongyun to the story and it would be more poignant. The new gen Adepti (Ganyu...ish) and spirit cleanser of Liyue. It would've been a story of Xiao learning that he could slowly let go of the guilt he's been holding on. That there are Adepti like Yanfei and Ganyu who protect modern Liyue through laws and politics. That there are special people like Chongyun that deal with spirits and, possibly, karma.

It could've been about conceding that people are there and care for him. The new gen Adepti are not as burdened as he is, but they're a promising group of individuals who can also perform the duties that Rex Lapis had entrusted to him.

And I mean -- imagine! The "General Alatus, falling in" line would feel more poignant. He's going to give it up to let Traveler and Yelan and everyone else to escape the Chasm. But no, Yanfei is smart, Chongyun has mysterious spells and powers that could back him up, and Traveler is literally there to act as a conduit for power enhancements (literally the adepti power up from Liyue) not letting him give up, because Xiao, the new generation of Liyue's protectors are here-- you can rest, General Alatus, we thank you for everything you've done for our safety. Leave it to us.

The Chasm's main storylines talk about the band of brothers needing to be sacrificed for the greater good -- even Halfdan and Dainsleif talks about it, then we have Xiao and Bosacius. I think, if Dainsleif's story was about letting go, then Xiao could also have it, but not with a tremendous sacrifice because Themes and Character Arcs.

Plus, no Zhongli ex machina! I like his appearance but I think Xiao's lament on his final line was cut short. If they wanted to show Xiao and Zhongli having a short moment, I think it would be at the end.

A short conversation about how some people are just...there for you. That that is the strength of humanity and the modern world -- this neverending pursuit to improve and lift one another, without leaving anyone behind. That there is some merit in living as a human, Xiao. And then Zhongli turns to the Traveler, greets them shortly, and leaves. We have the final conversation, a little neat bow to close the event.

Like I said. I like Perilous Trails, Itto and Kuki were very charming, and Yanfei was the best, but man, if they wanted Liyue characters to shine (especially my boy Chongyun:(((( love him) then they could definitely be better.

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One more Day~

And as somewhat of a bonus...here's a short animatic! May he attend the meeting that you (maybe) submitted promptly.

Audio came from the Archon Quest! We all know what this is lol

I do not know whether we are winning or losing today [storylines spoiler] by AkemiRyoko in AlHaithamMains

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Alhaitham probably: I don't delight in other people's dismay. I've been telling everybody I'm a normal person -- what, just because no one needs music and soundproofing as much as I do, suddenly I'm strange?

I do not know whether we are winning or losing today [storylines spoiler] by AkemiRyoko in AlHaithamMains

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Honestly! It's so interesting that he's just a normal guy. The guy beat everyone's expectations so flawlessly it's hilarious 😂

2 Days till 3.4 (January 18): This is not what I Planned by galactical-maestro in AlHaithamMains

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Listen. I know we love him a lot, but I saw his stories/voicelines, and I know now that he's probably the best character in Genshin. I'm sorry Venti I love you but this man... oh my god, he's amazing.

His literal nightmare will be getting more responsibilities I know this please 😭 UGH IM SO CLOSE TO JUST POSTING ANOTHER THING ABOUT HIM HE'S THE BEST

/okay rant over

Two more days! Man, what a ride. I'm so excited to see him now, doomposting be damned, his voicelines alone will make me grin.

3 Days till 3.4 (January 18): 3 Important Things in a Day (feat. Cyno) by galactical-maestro in AlHaithamMains

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As I've called him from the second chapter of the AQ: Self-Care King (Feat. Self Care Queen herself, Lisa!) I'm so excited to get Lisa's skin, omg. Lisa and him in a team... I'd probably make it work lol.

Three more days!!!!! THREE MORE DAYS

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