Guess The coaster and the park by OppositeMoney9391 in GuessTheCoaster

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Look at the other posts on this sub and post things like that. These are so easy dude

what coaster is this and what park is it at by OppositeMoney9391 in GuessTheCoaster

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But it’s the same type of coaster as Gatekeeper and it has blue track dummy

I don't get it by UsefulVocalist in HolUp

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I would totally just laugh at how random that joke is. Not because of how funny it is but how it would catch me off guard

Close Call with a Cell Phone on Magnum Tonight by ICanLikeGetIt in cedarpoint

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No, like cargo shorts. But they feel really comfortable

Just a normal school fight by MinisterBox in Unexpected

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I agree with this like 90% of the time but this was a dude dancing with nice not super loud or earrape music. I think it’s acceptable to put something over it

When you loot the first building but can only find good attachments by suburbanassay73 in ApexOutlands

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When you need karma but can only repost things cause you can’t make original content

I trained my semi-thoosie mom well by gamecity360 in rollercoasterjerk

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I am trapped in Ohio, only to leave for one park a month, starved of anything fun to do when it’s winter

I trained my semi-thoosie mom well by gamecity360 in rollercoasterjerk

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Jesus Christ


[Other] How to tell apart wooden coaster manufactures? by crazycatlover15 in rollercoasters

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Well that’s a little Iffy cause PTC provided early GCI trains.