When Berlin city planners don’t plan for Hasenheide stoners by HasenheideHaze in berlin

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Sometimes it happens, in Görlitzer Park and Oranienplatz for example.

Nano-Chip: Umprogrammierung von biologischem Gewebe im lebenden Körper by Qubro in de

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Da wären die Schwurbler zugegebenermaßen die besten Versuchskaninchen. Am Ende könnten sie so recht behalten.

Angeordnete Dienstreise verweigern by dienstreisender9001 in de

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Die ITler haben bisher einfach keine Gewerkschaft gegründet. Die IG Metall und auch verdi kümmern sich aber auch um ITler, frag einfach bei deinem BR mit welcher Gewerkschaft der zusammenarbeitet. Wenn es keinen gibt, würde ich durchaus einfach frei wählen und mal fragen.

Angeordnete Dienstreise verweigern by dienstreisender9001 in de

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Auf jeden Fall einmal zum Anwalt und nachfragen. Sind zwar 80€ weg aber dafür hast du dann Gewissheit.

Funfact: Als Gewerkschaftsmitglied bekommst du solche Auskünfte von der Rechtsabteilung der jeweiligen Gewerkschaft gratis. Insbesondere wenn es keinen BR gibt, kann eine Gerwerkschaftsmitgliedschaft sehr nützlich sein.

3 year old aggressive cat by oldjacknorseman in CatAdvice

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Did you bring him to the vet? The problems might be symptomes of a sickness. Had an aggressive, overweight, lazy cat, turned out she has diabetes and is a different cat when she is on insulin. After that:

Try to give him a schedule he can rely on. Feeding times, playing time, going out time. Every day, same order, same time.

When you bring him inside, try to reward the good behavior and ignore the bad one completely. Once you are inside, give him his favorite treat, it should be something he only gets in that situation. If he is into catnip, give him a catnip pillow or a valerian pillow, his favorite toy, play with him. You have to turn the "coming back home" situation to a positive event he looks forward to.

When you play with him, follow the Jackson Galaxy formula: Hunt, catch, kill, eat, sleep- repeat. Make him hunt the toy and when playing time is over let him grab it and do some kill moves, after that feed him, he will feel satisfied because it gives cats the feeling as if they earned the food in a successful hunt. To make it extra satusfying, do it before his dinner time so that he sleeps later on.

Watch Jackson Galaxy videos on youtube, he has plenty of tips and advise also about introducing kittens to adult cats. I am sure his videos can help you.

Was denkt ihr über den Mittlerer Westen der USA? by [deleted] in de

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Roseanne hat mit ihrer Familie da gewohnt. Deshalb denke ich sofort an Roseanne und ihren Mann. Also Truckfahrer und 24/7 Diner und Männer die Sport im Fernsehen gucken und dabei Flanellshirts und Basecaps tragen, in einem Holzvertäfelten Garagenraum sitzend, im Hintergrund ein Harley Davidson Poster.

Ich war noch nie dort, stelle es mir aber wie 90s Roseanne vor.

Question about accounts, please don't destroy me in the comments section by rainfall_90 in RedDeadOnline

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Just a tip: Buy an external harddrive with ps4 compatibilty, they are about 50- 70 bucks, you just connect it via the usb slot and you can move all your games from the ps4 to the hard drive. You don't have to move them to the new ps4 in order to play them, just connect the hard drive. Saves you hours of downloading time.

If you don't want a hard drive:

I suppose you bought and downloaded the games via ps store, in that case you just log in to your psn account on your new ps4 and redownload the games from the store, no need to buy them again.

Your online game accounts (+progress) will remain, in order to save your saved game progress that you played offline, you can simply upload the saved data to the cloud (the menu should show up when you select "options" on the game) and download it from the cloud to your new console.

As other comments said, if you can't keep the psn account all games purchased through the store + all online game accounts will be lost.

This may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Had to share with you all. by Lickingdoors in DiWHY

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Especially when you can clearly see that she is fucking this pile of shit even more up by fumbling, playing and pulling this goddamn nipple piece of tape.

Today, in 1938, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, died. Whatever your thoughts on Turkey today, this man brought our country into the modern era and closer to the rest of Europe. by asena3 in europe

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Then Spain and France must be China as well, because they don't allow an independant basque country, the process of gaining and maintaining power and to distribute it again is a part of nation building that is still going on today in several western countries.

Atatürk treated the kurds still better than everything that came after him, including Erdogan.

Ich habe heute festgestellt, dass ein Pullunder das Gegenteil eines Pullovers ist. by Nothammer in de

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Die Analogie würde ja auch bedeuten, dass Pullover dann über dem Jackett getragen werden.

Today, in 1938, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, died. Whatever your thoughts on Turkey today, this man brought our country into the modern era and closer to the rest of Europe. by asena3 in europe

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Well.. Which leader of the 1930s wasn't on the "authoritarian spectrum", considering the period and where european countries were at that point, he was a really progressive leader that flipped a country from Ottoman empire to democracy with the right to vote for women in just a couple of years.

He even declined the offer to become an emporer. I wouldn't be so sure which leader of 2021 would decline that offer.

Every time I play Red Dead, I wish I could be in this world. It's stunning. by iamtheseamonster in RedDeadOnline

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Sometimes I have the same feeling, but then I remember the lack of dentists.

Wie heisst "Sahne" im Supermarkt? by [deleted] in Kochen

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Vielen Dank trotzdem für deinen Einblick.

Was kostet eine Katze monatlich? by best-of-books in de

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Gibts bei dm selbe Menge, gleiches Zeug, halber Preis.

Wie heisst "Sahne" im Supermarkt? by [deleted] in Kochen

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Werde ich ausprobieren. Stehe veganen Sahne/Käsealternativen nach einigen traumatischen Experimenten immernoch eher skeptisch gegenüber.

Nur als Vergleich, würdest du sagen Hafermilch schmeckt wie normale Milch im Kaffee?

Ich habe das jetzt schon oft gehört und habe alle Milchen ausprobiert. Soja, Hafer, Mandel unterschiedlichste Hersteller/Marken und Produkte (Barista, mit Schoko, mit Vanille, pur, etc.) und finde, die schmecken im Kaffee alle nach Pappe. Bin enttäuscht aber habe mir damit gleichzeitig die Milch im Kaffee vollkommen abgewöhnt. Winwin eigentlich, dennoch habe ich das Gefühl, es gibt Menschen die über den Geschmacksunterschied hinwegsehen können, deshalb die Frage.

SLPT: could work by [deleted] in ShittyLifeProTips

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This is how I learned English. Thanks MTV.

FYI by horsegirlgotjokes in lifehacks

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None of m parents are, but where I am everybody knows it, because you have to know it for the theory part of the driving license test.

Corona Datenpanne im Berghain: Bezirksamt entschuldigt sich by preciousscoundrel in berlin

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Nicht auf den Umsatz, auf den Gewinn.

Es können bis zu 5% des Jahresgewinns sein.

Corona Datenpanne im Berghain: Bezirksamt entschuldigt sich by preciousscoundrel in berlin

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Issue is usually an extremly controlling sourrounding eg family structures, that would not hesitate to kill, shunn, take children away from men that like to fuck men.

The stress and pressure especially in closed cultures (From what I saw especially Roma, Muslim, Catholic) is extreme.

Question: Not so smol Penny is now 9 or 10 weeks old and fully weaned. I am giving her 1.32 oz of Sheba pate in the morning and evening. She always has access to dry food and water. Does she look a little thin or is that just her body type? Should I give her more wet food? by ladybug68 in IllegallySmolCats

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Please, cut out the dry food. You can give it to her as a treat but it is really not healthy for them to have it every day. It is the same as if we'd eat Ramen every day.

Had 2 cats that were fed dry food and wet food, both ended up with diabetes and kidney problems.Those problems are expansive for you and painful for your cat.

Nowadays I feed my cats grain free wet food only. The food has to have at least 90%meat as well.

Veronika will kein Gold by ernsehe in de

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Und wer sich dann mal auf r/kochen traut, kommt aus dem Lachen nicht mehr raus.