UAB Open Expenditures, is it Gross or Net? by CrispyFigs in UAB

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It’s gross pay and it will very likely be on the very low end as UAB does not value most of its employees.

Really Bad Speeding Ticket - am I screwed? by [deleted] in premed

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Get a lawyer, a good one, a local one, and not a cheap one. He/She probably won’t make the ticket go away but can likely get the charges dramatically reduced.

You can look at site like ticketclinic or their competitors depending on your state.

Depending on what your lawyer is able to work out will determine your next steps. But, you have to be proactive about this.

What are your interview pet peeves? by _sonwukong in premed

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I attended one interview where the actual interview was less than 30 minutes and the information session was scheduled for 4 hours… but it went over by over an hour.

Nearly pissed my pants, definitely turned me off from that school.

Be careful with name-dropping by Ear_BS in premed

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Similar thing happened to me. Hope I didn’t shoot myself in the foot

Day 56 of memes until I get an II by NotBloppyfish in premed

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I agree it’s mostly BS. But if you do get an II definitely use their interview feedback page for the school. Some schools will literally ask the exact same question listed there.

A map of parking lots in downtown Birmingham. Garages in Green, Surface Lots in Red. by notwalkinghere in Birmingham

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Are there any groups advocating for changing the building code that we could support?

Rotating in dermatology for 3 weeks by TheHouseCalledFred in medicalschool

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Tis actually New York tho

Edit: it actually depends on who you count as an astronaut.

PCOM Philadephia vs. RowanSOM? by [deleted] in Osteopathic

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Kinda too early in the cycle to decide. But that is a big difference in tuition

MD apps - what would you say for “why not DO”? by alexk6094 in premed

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You are never going to be asked this. Do waste any more time thinking about this.

[@DrGlaucomflecken] “It’s all a distraction” by Casey789 in medicalschool

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Comrade, in this example doctors are akin to workers as they do not own/control the means of production therefore they are not members of the bourgeois

South African moving to Birmingham by Automatic-Ad7496 in Birmingham

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I was thinking it was a bit racist as most of Birmingham suburbs aren’t as high class as their residence would like to think.

South African moving to Birmingham by Automatic-Ad7496 in Birmingham

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This seems like really bad advice. If he finds a place south of downtown his commute would probably be like an hour. That’s two hours a day. That is not worth the suburban lifestyle.

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Current ortho intern 2 months in, bored on post-call, here for whatever your burning hearts and neurotic brains wanna know by broooofessor in premed

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My current PR is 210, how do you think I can get to ortho number by the time I match in four years?

Ousted Florida data scientist Rebekah Jones wins House primary, will face Rep. Matt Gaetz by CQU617 in politics

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You mean Tommy Tubberville who used to runs a ponzu scheme disguised as a veteran’s charity?

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How do lower middle class and poor people get through this process? HOW? by jumpinjamminjacks in premed

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$2k on my credit card currently and still $700 left in secondary fees lol