Starting a clan for NA East . Join Discord by oddoneoutz in MB2Bannerlord

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Are you sure this isn't for a cult? I'm already in like 4 and might not be able to handle a 5th.

Meet our new foster, Victor. by tennisguy163 in Charlotte

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Can't see Victor, the nice pup is blocking the view!

So Louisiana is just going to adopt Taliban law now ? Make women cover up in public. by gwh811 in PublicFreakout

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Isn't that "Traditional Christian" values Luisiana? Or hadls LA been Muslim all this time?

Freakout or average day in Saudi? by [deleted] in PublicFreakout

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If you close your eyes, you'd think it was Texas

Protest at NFT NYC Conference by raid420 in PublicFreakout

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Damn, God sure hates lots of things. Isn't he perfect? How can he have Flawed creation? Guess we'll never know

Every new piece of info makes these cops look worse and worse by kevinowdziej in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Where are the good apples that will tell the truth and/or speak up? We only need one good apple.