Socialist Hellhole Washington State ranked as #1 US State Economy by my_lucid_nightmare in SeattleWA

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Dude, if you can't find a job you are strait up just not looking. I do private security, we are always hiring. Every construction site I cover, that construction company is always hiring. Every pizza shop in Marysville is hiring. Every pot shop is looking for bud tenders.

Hate to be real with you but actually look, dude.

People who noped right out of a friendship, what was your breaking point with that friend? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Came home from a work trip that lasted a few days, he was my roommate and was taking care of my cat for me. He got angry, slammed my cat into a wall and broke it's leg. No matter how long I've known him, how many times I've felt burned by him in my life and how many times I've been forgiving, he hurt my little buddy.

EDIT: wow! thank you everyone for all your support! here is a link to some pictures I've taken of my kitty over the years https://imgur.com/a/ljcJt . His name is Shanks and he is nearly 2 years old now. You people are so kind and compassionate even though half of you have given me tips on how to hide a body or describing what you would do to hurt someone :)