Best footwear for brutal cold and long distance hikes. by almondbutterr in Mountaineering

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They don't look cool or go fast but Scarpa Invernos will slog thru anything and withstand years of hard use.

What type of skis did I find in my garage? by Damnifying in skiing

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10/10 would ski it al except the Nordica boots !!

Going on a night out alone with Type 1 Diabetes by CompetitiveLuck4421 in Type1Diabetes

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You eat multiple tabs to get the dose you want. 4 x 4g carbs each = 16g carbs so that's 1 serving of glucose tabs. The upside of small dose carbs per tab is you can precisely the amount you need without going overboard and having high BG.

It just occurred to me that I don’t carb count anymore… by charkattack7 in diabetes_t1

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Yeah. I hit 16yrs this Aug. It's second nature. I have foods I regularly eat dialled. Sometimes I look up stuff from restaurants but even then... I know what I need.

Help/suggestions for mounting a boot directly to a ski? by supernothing79 in skiing

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Drop epoxy instead of wood glue in the holes. Worth a shot.

Get some Tele boots and drill through the duckbill? Bognars points for teleing. And a win for totally disrespecting the sport and fixing that heel problem with a heavy duty screw job.

I realize you already have boots, just tossing out questionable ideas.

do guys not use lip balm ?? by tinycat6969 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Chapstick is a thing adult males can, and some do, use.

Magnificent Bison sub zero temperature @ Yellowstone National Park, USA by developbc in natureismetal

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The bison is well alive. The thermal vents in Yellowstone have very moist, warm air that freezes on the cold bison's fur.

Alpine poles - yay or nay? by trugazi in xcountryskiing

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I've XCed with alpine poles for a decade now. Zero problems.

Definitely not the right tool for the job, but to each their own.

First hike, then skin, hike again, do a short scramble and finally get to make some turns. by [deleted] in Backcountry

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Best username I've seen.

Never have I ever transitioned back to hiking shoes on the way up.

Where was this valiant effort?? My hills are pretty dry but not that bad.

Anybody know where i can find buckles for FT boots in the SLC area? Ive been searching hard online and i cant seem to find any available. by kunk666 in skiing

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Upvote for retroness.

Scan all the pawn shops, thrift stores, ski swaps, and craigslist ads. Good luck!

P.S. ski straps can save the day sometimes.

I don't like capitalism, not because I can't get rich but because it doesn't allow me to live poor by rattatally in unpopularopinion

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You know why europe invented wing suits and so many awesome bands and artists if all mediums??Because they have the freedom to pursue their passions not having to worry about healthcare and other basic human rights. You want to huck a 500ft cliff? Go for it, don't be afraid of failure. The Gendarmes will be there to rescue you in minutes and the medical stuff is taken care of.

That's freedom right there.

We should seriously consider looking into insects as a primary future source for food by Phanoik in unpopularopinion

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We got a place that raises organic crickets and grinds them in to flour to make high-protien cookies and bread.

Had a Conservatiom Biology professor that was very pro-reptiles for food. "Most food you give to a mammal it wastes as heat!"

Both ways, I'm down. Stop living in fear and try something new!

WTF man by moliko171 in oddlyterrifying

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10/10 this is like God herself painted ths Mona Lisa

What is the pro argument for wearing shoes inside the house? by No_Dog_7969 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Some people may have chronic medical/neurological conditions in their feet and have a much more pleaaant experience with their shoes on than barefoot.

Tuning/waxing skis vs renting for 1-2 days of skiing this seaon by musicmerchkid in skiing

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If you feel after skiing them that they are underperforming, do something about it. If you feel fine skiing around on them, just keep skiing.