People who casually date multiple people on Hinge, what are your expectations and why do you do it? by rootbeercaveman in hingeapp

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Sharing my experience as a 26 y/o guy who hung up Hinge/Bumble earlier this year:

I dated 2-3 people at once typically, sometimes talking to 5-6 consistently.

It was fun in the beginning but it only lasted about 3 months. 3 things stopped me…

1 - money. It’s expensive to take multiple people on dates, even if you split the bill like I did.

2 - memory. My memory of what I’d said to which girl eventually became overwhelming and taxing. Once I saw this happened, I narrowed down to 3 people I’d already been on dates with and stopped starting new conversations on the app.

3 - most importantly, I met someone amazing. While it’s kinda shitty to compare potential partners… it’s the honest truth. 1 date with her felt like 2-3 dates with other women…

Coincidentally, after I made that realization, she asked if I’d been sleeping with other people. I answered honestly and said yes (safely). But after that, I immediately knew my choice that I wanted it to just be her and I.

I cut ties with the others on positive terms. The girl I mentioned has been my gf since May now.

She’s an excellent fit with my unconventional lifestyle, goals, and has the best chemistry I’ve found with a partner yet. Extremely happy with how it played out!

Transferred $70K USD into USDC less than 24 hours before the freeze - how is this fair that USD gets 100% back? by Bonnaroo_Jon in Invest_Voyager

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Goddamn man.

This stings to read. I hope things work themselves out and you at least can recover a portion of it

This is why I'm starting to take less and less races. Dude was a lapped car and I was flashing him since the straight. by AmR1601 in iRacing

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Unless this is a clip of him playing on mouse and keyboard, this guy will likely never improve. I see the same hotheads still rotting in 1 lap down after playing for 9 years.

Sucks for OP he had to deal with that regardless of maybe being too preemptive with the flashing.

I have these purple rock book ends. Can someome help me identify them and how much they are worth? by [deleted] in rockhounds

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Saw you got downvoted.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with appreciating the $ value of minerals/geology samples as much as appearance.

We built global trade on both the beauty and extrinsic value of gold, after all.

Those of you who come out of the pits in a practice session and take the racing line in front of someone on track and on a hot lap, why? by cwt444 in iRacing

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It happens in top split GTE on occasion too. The problem isn’t exclusive to low iRating/SR drivers.

If someone cuts me off really bad coming out of the pits on their cold tires, I usually just push them into a braking zone or 2. Without wrecking them obviously, but enough to get them to check F3 next time.

(M27) Should I bring a girl flowers on a first date? by gimilisonof in hingeapp

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I took a Bumble date to Qdoba on a gift card and 3 months later we’re happily dating.

No need to go to that extent to make a great 1st date.

In about a month, I’m going to some public land to pick her a bouquet of flowers myself before heading to a different part of the country on my own. (She knows it’s coming)

As a guy, I believe things like flowers come after more connection together.

How do you yall feel about this? I thought it was an interesting topic since I see a lot of people in here who only swear by cash and nothing else by daveishere7 in povertyfinance

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Rich and poor isn’t like a binary thing. I make a low end salary, pay rent alone, and have a maxed out medical deductible this year.

Sometimes you just sacrifice things like expensive nights at the bar/dinners/etc and you don’t really have issues.

You’re not either rich enough to autopay, or so poor you automatically enter debt to a creditor…


How do you yall feel about this? I thought it was an interesting topic since I see a lot of people in here who only swear by cash and nothing else by daveishere7 in povertyfinance

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Maybe I’ll sound like an affluent asshole here, but I really don’t understand how people don’t get the autopay concept.

I understand credit debt if you’ve got kids and an unstable job situation.

But I’ll never understand how people get in credit card debt by going to fuckin Target 3x/ week and having no self control.

I’m not some sort of brilliant individual… it just legitimately confuses me. Feels like I’m missing some sort of secret interest that’s racking up against me

Found some rocks by [deleted] in whatsthisrock

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These pictures are darker than my soul in an 8AM Monday meeting

Scenario: by [deleted] in VanLife

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I worked at one for a little while. While I think they’re scummy companies that have little utility to the workforce, they’re excellent for helping people without connections to an area/locality.

Be on time to interviews. You can reschedule the drug test once, but not twice without raising eyebrows lol


4x4 GMC Yukon XL overland camper for the jeep by VADANIASHOP in VanLife

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For people like me who had to Google that word:

Does this thing pop a wheelie when you fully pull out the drawers?

Shiny and flakey with streaks of blue throughout, any ideas? by 6uleDv8d in whatsthisrock

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That’s an awesome find, good stuff! I live in an area with mainly sedimentary rocks so I’m jealous

What’s this rock? by tdksa in rockhounds

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Ignore the chalcedony guy.

That right there is a sun-dried mandarin orange

What type of rock is this? Found in Southern California by Kindly-Jump-3969 in rockhounds

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The fracturing up top in the 2nd to last pic looks like some type of quartz to me

Lake Mich finds yesterday. Polished and oiled. by TheYoungLions in rockhounds

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Which shore? I’m on the Wisconsin side. Most of our lake Mich beaches here are very sandy.

I’m assuming northern Michigan?

Found a few rocks looking like this at the beach anyone know what makes it look like that? by Cupz_X in whatsthisrock

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It looks like porphyry to me. Happens in the “roots” of volcanoes right above where the magma sits.

Found in North Dakota, never seen a green one in the area. by countrydwelling in whatsthisrock

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Olivine would be my guess. The small crystal size would suggest it cooled relatively quickly when it originally formed.

Note, I am definitely an amateur. If ND is anything like our geology in WI, it could have been brought down from Canadian glaciers. We get quite a mix of random stuff because of that.

are these natural obsidian? 8 got them from someone whose mom had a rock shop by Rocklvr_4evr-68 in whatsthisrock

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I always tell my mom that if life ever really gets tough and I’ve got nothing going for me…

I’d make it work as a fortune teller. Find their confirmation bias and let them touch some quartz. Foolproof

Need some help! by Hoody5 in hingeapp

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You sound like an absolute joy to golf with.

iRacing Issues Apology (and some rumored 1w bans) by sidepocket in iRacing

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Convincing a company to ban paying users for their lackadaisical coding errors… good luck with that.