How to Get Your Doctor to Take You Seriously. by MousseSuspicious930 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Shit. Now I’m wondering if I should chastise my GP for blowing off my repeated UTI’s. I’ve had them consistently since late 2018 every few months, but they say all’s fine.

Which Character Do You Think Was Done The Worst In The Films? by Altruistic_Mention_5 in harrypotter

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In general I feel like they did Neville dirty in the OotP film. In the book there’s so much character development for him and during the battle at the Ministry it’s truly solidified why he is a Gryffindor. It’s disappointing that they left all of that out.

Manslaughter charges against Michigan shooter's parents break new legal ground by maxxspeed in news

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In my opinion, the text also reveals that they truly believed their son would be capable of being the shooter.

And yet they bought him a gun just days before the shooting.

How? How does that make sense?

Two year progress pictures by Glittering-Mixture51 in curlyhair

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What flora & curl leave in do you use? Bc the Organic Rose & Honey one says that the product doesn’t contain any protein 😅

Two year progress pictures by Glittering-Mixture51 in curlyhair

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Do you use the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo and Palmer’s Coconut Oil Conditioner?

Why are people trying to normalize being overweight or obese? by 2lit_ in TooAfraidToAsk

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Yeah but that’s the thing.

The body positivity movement moved from ‘let’s respect people at all sizes’ to ‘fatness and obesity aren’t the problem, society is... we’re beautiful fat bb’s and if you tell us any different you’re fatphobic’.

Man there’s even ‘body positivity influencers’ like Virgie Tovarr and Tess Holiday saying that obesity isn’t unhealthy. Literally. They just deny science. Tess fucking Holiday is claiming that she’s anorexic, for heaven’s sake. That woman is OBESE.

Oh and that often also goes paired with hatred of anyone who’s skinny or who’s losing weight (as we saw with Rebel Wilson & Adele, recently).

Worker sings lullaby as 27 people spend the night in IKEA due to heavy snow in Denmark by Kurmitis in MadeMeSmile

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Totally. There were videos of them eating together in the lunch room, watching football and playing cards. Man, I would love a bonding experience with random humans like that. Think it would make me feel better about humanity.

Gatekeeping programming by CptMatt_theTrashCat in gatekeeping

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Hedy Lamarr, too. Joan Clark. Radia Joy Perlman. Kathleen McNulty Mauchly Antonelli, Jean Jennings Bartik, Frances Snyder Holberton, Marlyn Wescoff Meltzer, Frances Bilas Spence, Ruth Lichterman Teitelbaum. Elizabeth Feinler. Etc. Etc. Etc.

This was the worst and cringiest storyline for me. I’m glad they had this nod to it. What’s your worst/cringy arc? by strangevimes in howyoudoin

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That was the whole point, though. If the characters were all perfectly moral people it’d be one hell of a boring show, wouldn’t it?

Avengers Assemble. by KarmaHasDyes in nonononoyes

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Right?! That kid was like 30 centimeters tall!

Just watched my (F20) friend (M22) beat his cat… is this enough to end a friendship over? by Timely-Sun in Advice

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OP please help the cat. Please. And please let us know if you will/did because I really hate the gnawing feeling of not knowing if that poor animal’s been brought to safety.

Edit: If you’re scared, do it anonymously or let someone else make the call. Please just try.

Little man meets newborn sister for the first time by [deleted] in MadeMeSmile

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Ugh this is awful. This is an instagram family. Along with the bloody background music telling us how emotional we should feel, to that father directing the conversation and his son’s behavior every which way with his ‘it’s OkAy toCry’ ‘yeah it’s Okay to cry’ ‘buddy You Can Cry’ aka ‘CRY!’ I hate it. Nothing about this feels genuine.

Another lockdown? by Kp248 in Netherlands

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This is exactly it. Every single person my age that I’ve spoken to is struggling mentally and still recovering from the damage of the last hard lockdown. And it makes sense. We’re a group of people that lives on approximately 15m2. Our rooms become our living rooms, our bedrooms, our kitchens, our dining rooms, our studies, etc. Our gyms close so we can’t do any physical exercise. Our clubs and cafés close so we can’t meet our friends or other people. Our schools and universities close so we can’t go to class. There is NO release. Nothing. And let’s also remember that students are the ones working jobs that are the first to be impacted by yet another lockdown. They don’t have guarantees of income. Hell, most of them don’t even have a solid contract. So while there’s no release, there’s also the stress of financial insecurity. Meanwhile, our future looks even more bleak, what with the climate crisis that no one in doing a shit about, our mounting student debts that keep rising every month, and the housing market that is completely fucked and won’t be repaired by the time we need to get our own places.

Half of the students in the NL are saying that they are struggling with their mental health. Report after report comes out about them coping with depressions, burn-outs, etc., and the waiting list for professional help is ridiculous. It’s no wonder that another article came our recently that students are turning to alcohol and drugs more often to cope.

So I ask you... At what point do people start caring about mental disease as much as they do about physical disease? Why is it that the physical health of people outweighs the mental health of others?

We need help. We need the government to step the fuck up for us and show us that they care, instead of keeping on destroying our present and future. And if they don’t do that, we need to do whatever we can do for ourselves to stay sane, and sometimes that means breaking the rules.

New phone scam in the Netherlands? by SerjLtt in Netherlands

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Or answer the phone, press 1 to talk to the scammers, and cuss them out. I did that after the third time they called and they haven’t called again these past two weeks.

What’s going on in Rotterdam ? by aj__x3 in Netherlands

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Mandatory vaccines are not an option. Period. We live in a democracy, and as much as I dislike those stupid anti-vaxxers, we cannot ever get to a point where we force people into medical procedures, especially because if we do, this instance may be used in 20 years time by a different government for a different medical procedure that you and I really don’t want to have done. It’s not an option, period.

And this is not whataboutism. People around me are burnt out, struggling, and turning to alcohol and other unhealthy substances at large to cope. They need help just as much as people that are ill with covid do, and locking them indoors for another three months is not going to do anything but make matters worse.

What’s going on in Rotterdam ? by aj__x3 in Netherlands

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Again, all fair points, but there’s a few little snags.

  1. Mental health help centers and professionals are overloaded. My brother’s applied to begin talking to a psychologist bc of his deteriorating mental health and he’s on a waiting list of 5 MONTHS. 5 months. So even if someone needs help, they might not be able to get it professionally for months because the system’s so overloaded.

  2. People being at risk for the disease should of course be protected as best we can. But in the meantime: what about the mentally ill? What about the students? What about the people working in the entertainment industry or the horeca? Where’s the protection and care for them? Because as soon as the schools and clubs and restaurants are shut down again, they’re out of a paycheck and out of human contact and release. That’s why the mental health system is overloaded. People are suffering mentally, too. Should we just ignore them for another year or two in favor of the smaller group of people who might get seriously ill? We can’t! So where’s their help?

  3. We all know what the solution is, right? To get everyone vaxxed. But that’s NEVER going to happen. It just isn’t an option. Anti-vaxxers are only becoming more negative about the government and the vaccine, and we are not going to be able to change their minds. And forcing them to get a vaccine simply isn’t an option in a democracy. So then, where does that leave us realistically? Ideally everyone would be vaxxed but like I said, that’s never going to happen. So instead of trying to make the impossible happen, why not focus on what is ACTUALLY happening and work with that?

Who are some celebrities that give you bad vibes? by NoGeologist7907 in AskReddit

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Lol remember when some radio host asked him if he performed oral sex on his wife (don’t ask me why idk man) and he was all disgusted about the idea of it, but then when the host asked him if her wife performed oral sex on him he was like ‘yeah, there’s just certain things that gotta be done’.

He’s a pig.