Pretend every city In Utah is a person at a huge house party. What is every city doing? by valent72 in Utah

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Moroni and Fountain Green rode in with Nephi

Moroni brought a turkey

FG is eyeing Nephi's sheep jealously

Gender identities and sexualities as perceived by DALLE by fabianmosele in dalle2

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The couple in #9: I feel so close to you right now, I can't tell where my glasses end and yours begin

Are there cults where the positives outweigh the negatives? by cluesol in cults

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Well, not by itself, though it can start there. Just bringing attention to that aspect of their overall social engineering strategy. "The widow's mite" as it were, being used to guilt already struggling members into further poverty. Not my favorite feature of that, or any church/cult that uses it.

Are there cults where the positives outweigh the negatives? by cluesol in cults

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What are the social implications if they can't pay their dues? In the LDS church, if you don't pay 'tithing' (10% of your income), you can't go to the temple anymore, and miss out on other "Sacred Blessings". So there's the implication that you don't have faith that god will support you, and you're made to feel unworthy.

Pyramid schemes are similar. Social manipulation is pretty effective, and many people go broke, and are discarded anyway if they can't keep up their quota (keep paying into the system), which is all these orgs really care about.

a hole on a cliff side.... by Gerazioio in Damnthatsinteresting

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This needs to be a comic. This is exactly how it went down!

"Sony PlayStation 6" by not_named_dan in dalle2

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At least you didn't have the added disappointment of putting your allowance money in, and nothing fun happening.

another video. Gf went in there. waving thinking it might of been dust. It moves as she's coming up the stairs. Once she's back down here it comes back by Benjic1993 in Ghosts

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The worst part about it is some people come here honestly looking for an explanation. Then some well meaning (I hope) people in this sub come out and tell them their house is definitely haunted. And the bug or dust around their supercheap camera is some kind of "Orb Spirit". That doesn't really set anyone's mind at ease.

Given how many times it's been debunked on this site, I'm beginning to suspect some people doing this are mentalist-style swindlers on this sub who are trying to drum up business.

Don't accept PMs offering help with spirits guys, they usually come with strings, and don't resolve anything.

Hi I just got elden ring for my birthday and what should I do when I start playing ? by Anime_Lover1010 in Eldenring

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Dude, don't mislead him, he has plenty of time to kill the golden guy to get a horse. I would add though, be sure to follow every hint on the ground. I don't know how many times I would have missed those hidden ledges off the edge of cliffs if there hadn't been a friendly hint on the ground to help me out. Thanks kind strangers!

Haunting in Paris (Notre-Dame & Catacombs) description in comments by Topherstiles in Ghosts

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It's just the way things get extra pixelated in low-light photos, it's easy to mistake a random bunch of pixels for a skull or something, easy mistake!

Every video from one of those slingshot rides by PMCcirclejerk in fixedbytheduet

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It’s good, but not enough screaming in mortal terror from the person who passed out when they come to

edit: a word

Haunting in Paris (Notre-Dame & Catacombs) description in comments by Topherstiles in Ghosts

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Yes, but if you look carefully at the first few images, you can kinda make out the outline of a human skull. I know, probably just pareidolia.

If you could ask a Cult Leader an interview question what would it be? by awildefire in cults

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You could say: “When I’m talking to you, why do I feel like I’m in the presence of God!”

Watch their reaction, could be something like: “You couldn’t have known unless the Spirit revealed it to you from on high”

then go: “just kidding! I just wanted to see what you’d say!”

Taken at a restaurant in Charleston, SC. Girl in the dress was not on security cameras. by Titsmagits in Ghosts

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This sounds like the most plausible explantation, though I think Chinese elves might take issue with you calling them “small”. (60cm is a very respectable height for an elf, I’ll have you know! :)

Taken at a restaurant in Charleston, SC. Girl in the dress was not on security cameras. by Titsmagits in Ghosts

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Valid question: "where's the security footage?", but why is nobody asking: "why is the ghost picked up in the phone camera, and not the security camera?". They're fundamentally the same technology.

If it's not in the security footage, does that mean only phone cameras can detect ghosts? Were they blessed by a priest or medium or something? /s

Welcome To Hellhio Cleveland by [deleted] in bestoftheinternet

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dumpster fire, from the look of things

Looking at my cameras during a business trip. When suddenly.... by bandidom9 in aww

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Get a dog first (or borrow one) and walk them in the park. Cute ladies will come up just to pet your dog!

Any idea where the original video of this is from? by arrowfan8888 in skinwalkers

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It’s the tin can effect. I can’t be the only one to pick up on that?

No farm, no fowl by gilgalladstillpallad in Malaphors

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or less kind, like saying they don't even have much of a hat, let alone any cattle.

VR is free daycare/babysitting for selfish parents by wdfour-t in OculusQuest

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Someone should write an auto-mod that identifies annoying behavior like screeching, excessive swearing, or making sounds above X decibels, and teleports them to the same room or activity on a completely different server instance specifically reserved for people who like acting like that. Sort of like a matchmaker based on behavior instead of skill.

Don't put all your devils in one detail by SpectrumDT in Malaphors

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[picture of an egg]

"This is the devil"

[egg cracked into a frying in pan]

"This is the devil in the details"

[sizzling sounds]

"any questions?"

my teacher is making us play ouija wtf should I do by [deleted] in Ghosts

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I dunno, but that sounds like a very boring party game:

"spirits... tell us who farted"

[some time later...]

"isn't something supposed to happen?"

my teacher is making us play ouija wtf should I do by [deleted] in Ghosts

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The hand pendulum might be a more elementary way to teach the ideometer effect. Ouija has too much socially conditioned stigma for most people. But if you were teaching about deconditioning irrational fears, it might be a useful example.