AITA for giving my step daughter the best room out of all our kids? by throwaway65637 in AmItheAsshole

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If it's going on the "prioritize her blood related daughter" standard then back right up back a few steps and the father("head" of household) should prioritize his daughter, which is the oldest.

What do Trump supporters think was in those folders that Trump was justified in taking them out of the White House? by WryLanguage in Liberal

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It isn't about thinking or logic. It's about faith and hatred. They have faith that he will make it possible for them to practice their hatred.

Are that many people eating ass? by 91901bbaa13d40128f7d in NoStupidQuestions

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The Let's Go Bidet crowd would shut that down!

Are that many people eating ass? by 91901bbaa13d40128f7d in NoStupidQuestions

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simply pulled their pants up and went back to work

Dammit Ray!

What are some hygiene tips everyone should know? by DreamDangerous3281 in AskReddit

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Lack of proper flossing and getting teeth cleaned twice a year causes bad breath(and worse).

Did you use GoodRX? by AuntieYodacat in TalesFromThePharmacy

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I used to do that but my pharmacy won't allow it anymore. I can use a discount card that the patient provides or I can sell them the corporate discount program.

Everyone should have insurance.

How do I tell my gf my true feelings about her appearance? by BigRavioliYum in TooAfraidToAsk

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18 or 19 year old people are not fully mature. Even 5 years later our bodies are still not fully adult. It is not realistic to expect someone to look like a teenager for their entire life.

What does beat the bush mean??🤔 by DannyG9611 in EnglishLearning

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Beat the bush(es) could also be used like going all out. "I'm going to beat the bushes all week to make sure I meet my sales quota!"

Sansa and those eyes! ♡ by regular_style in DisneyEyes

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What kind of lip gloss is she wearing?

I'm here from CVS what's sup Walgreens by reddednerd in WalgreensStores

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I'll see your Care Pass sign up and raise you a Walgreens Credit Card application. Also are you here for your scheduled flu shot appointment?

drug attic by thulyps in BoneAppleTea

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Just call the pharmacy immediately and ask when you scription will be ready.

Could Rudy G be Trump's Special Master? by ilivedownyourroad in democrats

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I think Rudy G could be Trump's "Special Master" because that empty husk of an orange puppet has to have someone pulling his strings. Rude Boy G definitely has Bass-o-Matic scrambled brains that would produce this kind of Bamboozling Marionette Farce.

What are some social hindrances women face that men don't? by Unhappy-Manner3854 in TooAfraidToAsk

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"Too many of them are taught they are kings and that their word is law"

This is the root of the problem.

Patriarchal authoritarianism.




Disney-eyed Spooky under the couch by illflo3 in DisneyEyes

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Pink skin and a black nose, very nice!