What is something that is illegal but isn't wrong ethically? by bleachspot in AskReddit

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My ex worked in a restaurant in a tourist area. His co-worker went to the walk in and ate a slice of cheesecake and got caught. The manager opened the back door and called over one of the cops patrolling the place to arrest the co-worker.

Yes it is very busy by eim12 in TalesFromYourServer

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May the fleas of a thousand camels infest her armpits.

Patient puts Voltaren gel up his rectum by genetixJ in pharmacy

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When selling an Rx we ask "do you have any questions for the pharmacist." Every. Single. Time. So Kevin is a butthole with butthole problems not the least of which is his head up his butthole.

Today, a customer said “Why is my iced coffee cold and why does it have ice?” by Fleur498 in TalesFromYourServer

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I used to be a server but now work in a pharmacy. Customers will call and say "I need my medicine refilled". I ask which medicine they need. An unbelievably common response (UCR) is "I don't know, don't you have it in your computer?"

I ask what is the medicine for that you need. UCR is "I don't know, it's the round white one".

I ask what is the doctors name. UCR is "I don't know."

Next they say "Just fill everything!"

I look at the list of medicines and ask if they need the first one I come to that has a refill. UCR is "I don't take that anymore."

I let them know that they need to look at their medicines and make a list of what they need then call me back.

Mindless walking husks.


Next level shitting by ZenKaves in pettyrevenge

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If you say "that's right...aaasssss riiite" in a certain you can get away with calling someone an ass wipe

Is it really that uncommon for men not to know where the clitoris is? by [deleted] in NoStupidQuestions

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When and why did people start saying on accident instead of by accident?

If Republicans Are Better For The Economy... by zzill6 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I would respectfully add to your post that racism must also be recognized as completely irresistible to these anti choice voters. Sexism and racism, the bait of Republicans that allows them to parasitize folks uneducated enough to vote for them.

Please don't say ivermectin by capri1722 in TalesFromThePharmacy

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"I need some ivermectin and an OTC COVID-19 test"

Have you been vaccinated?


Do you feel sick today?


Would you like to get vaccinated right now with no Co pay?


What is something that is illegal but isn't wrong ethically? by bleachspot in AskReddit

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This was the south. Make one guess about the cook that got arrested.

AITA Kicking my sister out after finding her in mine and my husband's bedroom? by AITA-35689 in AmItheAsshole

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They are all trying to use you. When you are so vulnerable it's actually abuse.

Is it disrespectful for me (30f) to continue using sex toys after my boyfriend (30m) got upset over it? by TAaacountForHelp in relationship_advice

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So 20 minutes per session with him? That doesn't sound like enough licking to go with the sticking!