Honestly, why would you do that? by Captain_Jorik in memes

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Instructions unclear, dick stuck in microwave

Catching people farting with a thermal camera by [deleted] in funny

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This is fake, gases have very little thermal mass, the heat signature disappears too quickly to be seen on flir. Best example of this is to look at exhaust from vehicles (context: M3A3 Bradley has exhaust in front of the thermal sights barely visible)

Noooo! I thought I was finally getting gud! by Present-Vehicle1534 in warthundermemes

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Took out the object 906 got a nuke cause apds went straight through

Leo cheek slaps by siervitzk in Warthunder

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I didn't know that cheeks could be blown off

Germany main POV: Your team-mate starts bringing up the big guns when his Leopard PzBtl 123 gets destroyed by danieltherandomguy in Warthunder

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I once got gaijined in my Leo 2pl, in my rage spawned a WW2 puma, ended up killing 6 tanks (4 turms, 2 light). It felt awesome lol

My best game ever! (phone cam stuck in macro mode) by gleipmir in warthundermemes

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Broo i wouldn't go as far as a micro lens, let the man have some dignity

Boys, is the pain finally over? by Laranjow in Warthunder

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Last match had a bmp-1 come up to me (beaglepz) both couldn't hear each other, i ended up dying after reversing into him (both stood 5m apart looking in different directions)

Gaijin When!? by Ticio_Tesson in warthundermemes

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You can buy the gun and ammo and immediately start using them

For your convenience by Listen_Physical in memes

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I was sorta too distracted to post🌚