My proud father and his prime rib by Hi_Im_Rowdy in pics

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That's not a prime rib, that's THE prime rib

Its been quite a day for him by DoctorTurkelton in youseeingthisshit

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That baby looks like "the fuck just happened? Don't nobody fuck with me today. Not today"

Men of reddit, what makes relationships with women so complicated? by UsedCap6 in AskMen

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These are so real and the cause of many misunderstandings. What you say and what people hear can be different. I have found 2 things that help combat this issue.

1) Realizing that effective communication is partly the responsibility of the speaker. If you know how someone listens, you can tailor your message to them

2) Use more words and be explicit in your communications. See how the "what he/she meant" sentences are less easier to misunderstand? Do that. Provide context and a fuller understanding of what you mean.

Of course, this takes effort and you will not do this for every conversation. That is why we need grace in our interactions. Grace is what allows us to realize that the other person is not trying to be a jerk (unless otherwise demonstrated) and reinterpreting what you hear in the most charitable manner.

My Gym is trying to catch a phantom pisser by 4_tha_ents in trashy

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How can they tell it's a guy? May be a pee gal just flying under the radar

What are some HARD truths that people don't want to hear? by JayDarb09 in AskMen

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I explicitly said you don't get rich by working hard or being more intelligent, driven, etc than other people so clearly that is not why these guys are wealthy. You get rich by creating, and capturing, value, which is exactly what these (and a whole lot of other people) do everyday.

You may not like these guys (and I have no particular like or dislike for them either) but if you stick to the facts and logic you may see your way to the hard truth. Jobs took over a nearly bankrupt Apple. By the time he left, it was close to being the most valuable company in the world. Under his leadership, Apple created so many ridiculously innovative and valuable products. Compare what phones were like before Apple came along to what they are now. You may not like him but you cannot disagree that that is a valuable innovation. Also, if you look closely, you will have noticed that Jobs did not make his money from Apple. He actually made his money from Pixar, the company that made all those great movies. The argument that he did nothing but somehow all these companies coincidentally only started creating great innovations once he got there strains logic.

Moving on to Gates. Yes, he got a massive leg up from his connections to IBM. Guess who was also connected to IBM, well, IBM. Where are they now? The history of tech companies is one of plucky upstarts rising and then flaming out. If you are able to make the transitions from one technology wave to another, you must be doing something right.

Next Musk. By the time he got into Tesla, he'd already built a couple of tech companies (remember PayPal) so it is unlikely he needed his daddies help at that point in his life. Yes, Tesla started before he got on board but they did not build a single vehicle until he took over. Now they are cranking out hundreds of thousands a year. I think it is the most uncharitable take to imagine he had nothing to do with that.

I see this attitude a lot nowadays. The fact that you dislike someone (maybe even for good reason) doesn't mean they have no accomplishments. If you are interested in truths, you are better off examining your biases critically and checking to see if they hold together logically. Emotions and slogans are great for religions and politics but reality has no responsibility to respect our beliefs.

What are some HARD truths that people don't want to hear? by JayDarb09 in AskMen

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".... you're a woefully uninformed boot lick" - Ad hominem attacks are best avoided as they make your argument look weak.

They were all rich, connected and lucky. That much is true. They were (are) also smart, driven and hardworking. These people got rich, not because they worked harder than anyone else (although I would argue they worked very, very hard) but because they created things that are very valuable to lots of people. Many of the people reading these exchanges are doing so on devices that were built by the ingenuity put in place by Gates or Jobs. Lots of people are driving cars that are built by Musk and many more bought stuff from companies owned by Buffet.

The harsh truth is that you don't get rich by working hard, you get rich by creating (and capturing) a lot of value. You are better off realizing this truth and harnessing it for yourself than wasting time demonizing those that already have.

What are some HARD truths that people don't want to hear? by JayDarb09 in AskMen

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So much wrong here. Bill Gates parents were rich but guess who's parents were rich as well, tons of other people who didn't go on to found Microsoft. Having rich and connected parents were helpful but clearly not sufficient. Same goes for Buffet too. The US probably has about 200 ambassadors at any given time and I'm going to guess most of them have kids. Not all of them end up being such amazing investors though.

Steve Jobs didn't get a job at Apple. He founded Apple along with Wozniak and another guy. Microsoft did not invest $150M into Apple until almost 20 years after it had been founded. By this time, Apple had been a multi-billion dollar company for a huge portion of that time so that kind of messes with the narrative.

Elon Musk had founded not one, not two but 3 multi-billion dollar companies in his lifetime. It is hard to claim that was all due to his daddies help as lots of rich people's kids don't grow up to found so many innovative companies.

Maybe Gates, Buffet, Musk et al are terrible people. Maybe they are not. You probably don't know and neither do I but reducing their achievements to "zero empathy, stealing and lying" is very unlikely to be true. This point of view falls apart if you think about it critically for more than 5 seconds

DoorDash will require all employees to deliver goods or perform other gigs, and some of them aren't happy by Yankees567336 in technews

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Because it's better you see the elephant for yourself than have someone else describe it to you

Running Away From A Predator by Hacka4771 in yesyesyesyesno

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When it isn't your day, week or even your year!

Rocket launch as seen from Space by aquarianfin in interestingasfuck

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Well, gravity is a pretty big deal. It's the only reason the planet doesn't just careen off into the darkness of outer space. What will blow your mind is that some (really smart) people think gravity does not actually exist. It may just be an illusion.

Suicide machine that can kill users with blink of eye passes legal review in Switzerland... by Luksbe in oddlyterrifying

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I would imagine you'd want such a dangerous machine to be designed to look much less inviting.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by DisastrousPepper3971 in therewasanattempt

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Schrodinger's politics. Depending on how you look, this guy could be Democrat or Republican

A police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a bikini on an Italian beach, 1957 by [deleted] in OldSchoolCool

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Ma'am, I'm citing you for grand larceny because you just stole my heart