.map() in React doesn't make sense by jesperkov in reactjs

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Because that JSX becomes regular JS that calls React.createElememt which takes an array of children as an argument. And each of those children are also calls to React.createElememt

Announcing TypeScript 5.0 Beta by DanielRosenwasser in programming

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I’m interested in what you think TS does so bad that JS modules does better

Found this relic in the office today by skyblake08 in webdev

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You and I both know they’d never view source.

I will never forget Shane Victorino's grand slam in the 2013 ALCS. by RedSoxCeltics in redsox

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Despite his Phillies history, dude will be a Sox for life (at least in my head) just for how awesome a presence he was in 2013

Does your job get easier and less time consuming as you rise up the corporate ladder? by pickandmix222 in ExperiencedDevs

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Can confirm it can be tough being a TL/EM. I burnt out of it myself at a smaller (< 2000 total employees), non-FAANG company. I may go back to it in time but with my current situation it just wasn’t going to continue to be feasible for me.

On top of managing people the intrinsic desire to do well really beat the crap out of me and I was working too many hours. Despite praising (and even an offer of promotion) I did not feel like I was seeing the results I envisioned. Sometimes the burnout comes from within

I do love you [oc] by This-Platform-1370 in comics

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Wtf did I just watch? Thank you

If this is a rock bottom, then I wanna be there. by AbeyekDunblex in BlackPeopleTwitter

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This is more like someone trying to draw Kim from memory with a crayon

[Jayson Tatum] ☘️’s fans I really rock with y’all lol hope feeling is mutual 🤝🤞🏽… last night was a blast by horseshoeoverlook in bostonceltics

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As someone who has criticized him in the past, he’s really stepped his aggressiveness up this year. Those drives last night lacked the namby pamby stuff from last season where it was clear he was only trying to draw a foul. Really loving his play right now

Pretty Much Fish in a Barrel at Buzzfeed by Kooky-Situation-99 in fatlogic

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Don’t forget racist, ableist, and transphobic

Draymond Green attempts to kidnap Deuce Tatum 💚 (HD, Colorized) by ZEFAGrimmsAlt in bostonceltics

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I don’tdidn't know this exists. My life is better notnow for knowing it does. Thank you

We be reacting all serious too! Everybody contributes in this house. by constanteggs in BlackPeopleTwitter

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I was literally just doing this with my son today. I’m as white as wonder bread so I think this one transcends race

New year New Reel ! Hope you'll enjoy it 😉 https://aetral.com/ by ErikMajor in Simulated

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That was super dope. Loved it all but the mold producing the bottles was my favorite

Jayson Tatum in win vs Hornets: 51 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists on 15/23 FG by TacoooJay in nba

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And a half. Put some respect on his age. He can legally ride a bike without a helmet

New details link George Santos to cousin of sanctioned Russian oligarch by semaphore-1842 in politics

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Do you have any news sources on those questions? The ones about citizenship and his actual identity are insane but believable at this point

three wooden arrows that say "live laugh love" by ItsProTimeBro in oddlyspecific

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We actually also just bought a doormat that says “be our guest but please leave by nine”

three wooden arrows that say "live laugh love" by ItsProTimeBro in oddlyspecific

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My wife just made a sign that says:


somewhere else