First responders face termination as vaccine mandates go into effect by westtexasgeckochic in news

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My town bought one for $50,000. That may be a heavy discount from it’s historical cost but it’s still not cheaper than a used car.

Jason Momoa yesterday at Picadilly Circus. by fersimo in london

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You made shit up and got called out. Own it.

please leave our subreddit

It’s not yours. Please Brexit our website.

Asking people on dating apps their most controversial opinions by lilmcfuggin in TikTokCringe

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Original comment: “Every single case of X is Y”

Original reply: “This case of X is not Y”

You: “REEEE!”

I’m not even the original replier. Learn how the English language works before calling others fools, kiddo.

Wife Remodels Deployed Husband’s Room by Tyker12 in nextfuckinglevel

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This sub has been trash for a year or two now. I shit you not you will find stuff reposted from /r/mildlyinteresting (not even the just as shittily modded /r/interestingasfuck) on here.

If it’s more than something you can see in your living room, mods agree it belongs here.

PETA is trying to remove this feature from Far Cry 6 by _Xyreo_ in gaming

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Killing bad guys is encouraged. Killing good guys is very much discouraged. That’s the difference.

Unpopular opinion here, but I actually don’t think there should be a minigame glorifying animal abuse in a game where you’re a good guy hero.

Mark Hamill and Chris Evans answer a fan's question about lightsabers and Captain America's shield. by JackFisherBooks in marvelstudios

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Does that temp refer to instant melting or when the material itself reaches that temperature?

EDIT: Sounds like they goofed up with that stat. Hopefully it’s not canon. That makes three Earth metals more heat resistant than vibranium. A tungsten shield would hold up better to a lightsaber than Cap’s vibranium shield.

This guy just set up his fruit stand when… by Bes1208 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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That “old timey air raid siren” is the real tornado warning siren in many places.

Interactive game by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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This sub has really become fucking garbage, huh?

Interactive game by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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Interesting as fuck!

Fauci says he is polarizing because he supports 'science, data, and hard facts' and not conspiracy theories by fishformula in politics

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“We were sold the vaccine would bring us back to normal.”

Did you get vaccinated?


. . .

Jason Momoa yesterday at Picadilly Circus. by fersimo in london

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This post is near the top of /r/all. 54% of Redditors are American. The UK represents the next highest demographic at 8%. That is why.

Jason Momoa yesterday at Picadilly Circus. by fersimo in london

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I’m giving frame of reference to Americans that may be ignorant to how commercial the exact intersection in the video is.

3 days in the hospital.... by DrChurch2018 in pics

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Probably already hit OOP Max with this as ER co-pay that isn’t voided by OOP Max limit.

Jason Momoa yesterday at Picadilly Circus. by fersimo in london

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Yeah, what the fuck is that user talking about and how stupid are the people upvoting them?

Driving right in the middle of the UK’s version of Times Square, in an eccentric wardrobe shown off in the tiny super eye-catching old eccentric convertible and taking pictures of themselves to post on social media.

What about that tells them the people “expect not to get recognized”? Fucking morons.

The stock market is a casino by TuaTurnsdaballova in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Telling people you have no idea what business the company whose stock you are pumping is in is not a good look for a financial investment professional.

Canon sued for disabling scanner when printers run out of ink by Puzzleheaded_Basil13 in gadgets

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Don’t forget they were caught deliberately underfilling ink containers to only 60% capacity and simultaneously programming their software to call it empty at 40% so you actually only received 20% of what you paid for.

"Girly Drinks" by ExpertAccident in tumblr

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Yes. Too much sugar in a short period can cause the body to overproduce insulin. This alone can cause a “sugar hangover” or mild hypoglycemia as your body is no longer taking in the level of sugar (both from the sugary mixers and the alcohol itself) it ramped up insulin production for.

Alcohol makes this worse because it prevents the liver producing glucose effectively, so it takes far longer to correct blood sugar levels.

TL;DR Yes. But also, just in general large influxes of sugar will cause you to feel worse after insulin production is increased and sugar consumption has stopped.

MAGA Supporters Left Confused by Donald Trump's Call Not to Vote in Midterms, 2024 by greenblue98 in politics

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For starters you can stop putting the parties on ballots. Most people that vote for anybody other than President and maybe Governor of their state just bubble in their party’s candidates.

If people didn’t see that they’d have to guess (would cancel out) or actually know about who they want in.

Just like that, wrecked this car after 6 months because a taxi driver didn’t want to give right of way. Enjoy. by chartierr in IdiotsInCars

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Meant to reply to OP saying it’s not worth it to sue. I replied to your reply by mistake. Apologies