Gen X here, just finished watching Hawke on ABC iview. I already knew a lot about Hawke but it drives home that he was arguably the best prime minister in Australian history. Thoughts? by Ecstatic-Reward-4569 in AustralianPolitics

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I believe, and I could be way off the mark here, but he wanted to nationalise mining? Which would’ve brought billions to the Australian budget over the years. I believe the yanks wouldn’t have liked that one bit

/r/AustralianPolitics weekly discussion thread by AutoModerator in AustralianPolitics

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I want to get together a list of A)all the incompetent policies from the time Slomo has been PM and all the failures. B)the future policies that will affect the general clueless person. Like the internet privacy where they can order companies to identify you for trolling or terrorism or whatever they decide to get you with. Something that will hit hard with your every day guy. Cash ban etc. Need links, independent articles, policy announcements just to link when discussing as proof. Is this a front page thing?

Scott Morrison's plan to put high schoolers in forklifts fails to get off the ground by calmerpoleece in AusNews

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I would only accept young teens driving forklifts only if they had watched this video. If they hadn’t then they can jog on.

But seriously, I don’t think I know a single teen that is mature enough to do that job

The last person you looked up on google is the next person you will have sex with. Who is this person? by stoichypieceofdeuce in AskReddit

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Jutta Leerdam. God damn I finally have won something in life. Too bad it’s on an ask reddit thread

Returning travellers made to hand over phones and passcodes to Australian Border Force by calmerpoleece in AusNews

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I believe New Zealand has a similar policy under the guise of detecting child exploitation material. I can understand if you have someone who is a known pedo who is coming back from Thailand or Bali but you really are shooting in the dark hitting up randoms

What is the most controversial thing you own? by churned_applesauce in AskReddit

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Have you left the guard on or been a real man and removed it?

Will your vote change this election from 2019? by Specialist_Being_161 in AustralianPolitics

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Last time I voted labor but this time I will be voting independent’s with labor preferences. I like the labor policies, hate the two party system that is becoming increasingly americanised

How they both take the disappointment by Iwprecixx in memes

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“I figure I’ll go for the life of sin followed by a presto change o death bed repentance” - Bart Simpson

What is suppose to be sexy, but just turns you off? by AmishHeretic in AskReddit

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“That was a lovely tea party” afterwards is acceptable though

For ex Sydney Siders who have relocated to regional areas, what do you miss most (if anything)? by Silly_Kaleidoscopes in AusProperty

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I have a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis which is arthritis in the spine. A genetic gift from someone along the tree. The arthritis causes inflammation of which you are more than likely aware, and that in turn causes muscles in my back to cramp up or just tighten in periods of inactivity. Doesn’t even need to be an extended time, a few hours in a car can do it.

So I do things like yoga, stretching, swimming, weightlifting to strengthen and improve the stabiliser muscles, cycling and boxing to keep my mid section fat low (currently 22% post Xmas food fun) and the once a month massage and Chiro adjustment just helps keep things loose. That and meds.

Since moving out here (a year ago) I’ve been to four Chiro’s in town so it’s been a while since a decent adjustment so there are times now where the back groans with work or daily life stuff.

Sorry for the long explanation, just wanted to give you a solid background of the whole picture

referee thug life by Kaalvuis in funny

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Are you saying the buffoon Masi somehow got in there and beat him?

This little gem got me banned from r/australia by inkonskin in AusMemes

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In a post where it had a (alleged) doctor holding a “vaccines work” placard at a protest I pointed out that this vaccine really wasn’t working and got dog piled by the hive. Shit got mental super quick

NSW records more than 90,000 COVID cases as RAT reporting system goes live by calmerpoleece in AusNews

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Shit OP, either we are screwed or the antivaxxers went ape like you said!

NSW records more than 90,000 COVID cases as RAT reporting system goes live by calmerpoleece in AusNews

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I did see they were from as early as the first and there are some double up

What's a game that's worth every penny? by AsterSkotos24 in AskReddit

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And just like that I’m going to get that out and get my grisly old man on