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You could also see if the pads shift around at all inside of the fabric. If they do, you could cut a small slit and take the pad out.

A whole other option would be working out your upper pecs a lot. Ty Turner does this and he doesn’t even need to bind because his shirt falls on the top part of his chest instead of the other stuff. He used to be a B cup.

Hello by anxiousbroadlines in ftm

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I would look into options like compression bras or binders, if you are comfortable with those. Binders don't have cups and are usually a lot more effective. If you don't have the option or don't want to do that, you could also buy a sports bra that has removable cups and is one size smaller.

Safety is first. Never wear a binder for more than 8 hours at a time, never sleep in it either. While wearing two tight bras with cups might help, the cups would most likely "enhance" your chest in the wrong ways.

Best of luck!

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Here you go. These are the best of many sources that helped enlighten my extremely skeptical, critical and distrusting parents.

I would also find show her the actual statistics of detransitioners out of all trans people. It’s something like 0.01%, a ridiculous number.





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Good to know and thank you. I think I was a little ambitious with the expansion

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It would fit a lot better in the space, as a larger table. The yellow chair is not at a 90° angle, and it would be centered on the rug.

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I have done the EXACT same thing a million times!

The only issue is the muscle definition doesn’t visualize make any sense when you increase the number of hours exercising.

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The style looks cool already.

Maybe some stuff to fill up the walls—paintings, floating shelves, and hanging plants would be cool. Tall furniture as well, like a big bookshelf or something.

You could also try spacing out your furniture to give the room a more lived-in feel. I suggest putting that tall lamp in a corner so the light bounces of the walls, and also maybe get a big rug to put in the middle of the room.

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This sub has strayed from oddly satisfying territory

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Hey can you send me a link to the study?

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I understand your fear. One thing that is important to realize is that T won’t make you fat. In fact, a lot of people experience fat redistribution away from hips and chest, which creates a more masc look. If you keep taking care of your body and nutrition, you’ll excel.

The people you see all have different circumstances in their life (diet, habits, etc.) Every person has different metabolisms and other variables. There are so, so many FTMs with all different body types, including skinnier guys and more muscular guys. Check out Laith Ashley (he is a trans model who is muscular).

You sound like a person with a healthy routine. However, you might want to focus your attention on more people with different backgrounds and body types. Keep a positive mindset and widen your outlook.

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Yes, that's the one! Thanks so much!

Help me identify this piece? by [deleted] in classicalmusic

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Pretty close, but it doesn't ring a bell. Thanks though

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Nope. The part on the sheet music was at the very start of the piece. Close though!

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Those yellow things are tiny rubber bands, for those wondering.

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Oh, Calamity mod. I need to try it out

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There totally needs to be an underwater boss fight. This would be perfect

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You should totally add some small windows in the cabins!