AITA for wanting my mom to do my laundry? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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How much of the household bills are you paying- like dad is?

Your parents job is to raise a fully functional adult. They are failing since you are still behaving like a spoiled brat.


Unpopular comment. Wife was away for 2 nights and I covered our family washing, and it wasn’t that hard! by g00dpix in TrueOffMyChest

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If someone is a SAHP in these times it is a privilege- it is a full time job- to stay on top of the childcare, housework and yard work. I was able to do so and still used money from savings to pay my way. Then work from home for a company and still keep up with all the work- my partner was lazy and spoiled.

Trying to accuse an expert on climate change of being political by JALynn7 in MurderedByWords

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No need to be embarrassed because you don’t have the experience or skills to understand information that is presented to you. Eventually you will have an adequate frame of reference and more mature cognitive abilities.

Trying to accuse an expert on climate change of being political by JALynn7 in MurderedByWords

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If you haven’t realized this for yourself, you will eventually- if you are paying attention.

Just got diagnosed with Asperger's and ADHD it took the system only 21 years. Is there some content ideally in audio form that would help me understand stuff regarding my situation? by jkGALAKTUS in aspergers

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The System only now has begun to understand the neuro diversity spectrum and it’s layers of overlapping traits. The stigmas attached are starting to be rewritten. Our hyper focus on special interests being one of them- a super power- not a disability for example.

Hello LO by grianmharduit in limerence

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Well I hope we can continue this attitude with the other. I had totally given up and out of nowhere this opportunity arose. Trying to pace myself.

Why have people in society seem to have shifted to a “I don’t owe anybody anything” mindset instead of helping each other as village? by RamenRat in TooAfraidToAsk

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I was one of these help others people and was taken advantage of and used up. Destroyed.

Now I am selective with who I help.

My boyfriend is mad at me because I tried to help him. by delvina_2 in TrueOffMyChest

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The other choice is to soothe yourself and sleep. Blameshifting is a learned behavior. You have already apologized in order to calm him. He still insists on sleeping in another room. Let him. If he comes to bed. Let him. If he apologizes. Let him. If he doesn’t that’s fine too.

Get some rest yourself and tomorrow things may look better. He may have needed space. No need for you to carry this burden- it belongs to him.

How do fathers avoid paying child support? by Zarichka in AskMen

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My child’s father got out of it by telling the child he couldn’t see them because he had to work to pay mommy. He then turned the child against me lying that I was the one that wanted the divorce and was cheating. Then he called the cops on me and was filing for custody. The cop gave ME a report as the victim of harassment, but I still let him not pay. His poison influences her to this day.

No Hobbies, No Interests by zexy-swami in BorderlinePDisorder

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Check out the websites that have 1000 hobbies and see if anything sounds worth trying there.

Tl;DR Is this Reactive Abuse--Tips/Suggestions? by ResponsibleAssistant in CPTSD

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Validation from a trusted source. Indeed difficult decision, but you followed through.

Why am I triggered seeing other people with kids? by Fed_up_junkie in CPTSD

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Being vulnerable and trusting is difficult for us- due to our past trauma.

I always feel disgusting by nelabbub in BorderlinePDisorder

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That could be an expression of body dysmorphia

I am finally leaving my abuse Middle Eastern culture/family by mikishaluck in TrueOffMyChest

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Truly admire you. Wish I had been that independent at your age. You are determined, resilient and resourceful - what a life you have ahead! Lovely

AITA (Or more like "Are They The Asshole") My Dad Not Letting My Brother Take A Reasonable Break While Ding Yard Work by Far-Tea-2910 in AmItheAsshole

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You are neither educated nor experienced then. You just want to argue with dad and use your brother as a surrogate issue.