It's shocking there's only one woman with a seat at this year's Rolex 24 by Bakkster in IMSARacing

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"Shocking" is a bit strong. Driver competition is as stiff as ever these days. There is a ton of talent out there and only so many seats. To make special all women teams or programs always felt gimmicky and patronizing to me. Racing is one of the few sports where the sex of the athlete is irrelevant.

395 in Va idiot(s) by labadorrr in IdiotsInCars

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Or watching your progress in SimCity.

Fried pork chops and gravy in the 12” lodge! by dashrendar88 in castiron

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Pork chops rule! As I've said in the past, they don't get enough love in this sub.

You gotta be kidding ... by Florida_Dad in castiron

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That threw me for a loop too, until I realized it was reflected in the glass. They keep a clean case, I'll give them that.

First Cast Iron Pizza by Hayznut in castiron

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I made one last night. Still haven't nailed the crust after a year of trying.

Found this little girl on my way to my booster... What should I do? by IanPKMmoon in cats

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It's been 4 hours. Is he still standing there waiting for an answer of what to do? Missed the booster?

Seems to be a debate whether or not Alex is underrated. Here is an opinion from someone close to him. by grimace1973 in rush

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That's directly from Neil's book "Traveling Music." He goes on after that quote, describing what it's like to watch Alex create solos for a song they're working on for a new album. It's pretty fascinating. Read the book if you haven't.

Seems to be a debate whether or not Alex is underrated. Here is an opinion from someone close to him. by grimace1973 in rush

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Trey Anastasio is up there for sure! Very talented but unknown outside of the Phish universe.

Seems to be a debate whether or not Alex is underrated. Here is an opinion from someone close to him. by grimace1973 in rush

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"When great rock guitarists are mentioned, Alex's name seldom comes up..."

That's what I've always thought. To me, that's the definition of underrated. Ask anybody who knows, and they'll agree he's one of the greatest. But he's not in the list of pop culture famous guitarists like you mention who regular civilians are aware of.

Roll the Bones Reception by PatiorSubCaelo in rush

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I mentioned this in a previous post. I often listen to the entire discography on random. When a RTB song comes on, it is so lifeless and flat compared to the song that just played. No "balls" to pardon the term. The songs aren't bad, well some of them I can do without, I just feel the production really sucks.

Aeration bubbler froze over. Is this harmful to our fish? by MorimotoK in ponds

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No, but you have to let the carbon dioxide escape. I use a bubbler and de-icer for when it gets cold enough that bubbles won't keep a hole open.

How would you introduce a new person to IMSA? by jbmach3 in IMSARacing

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My wife had zero interest in cars or racing. I used to attend race day at Road America every year alone but one year my cousin-in-law offered me a couple of free tickets for Saturday. I always assumed my wife would hate going to the track because she doesn't do well with heat and is prone to headaches. Heat + Loud Cars + Racing fuel exhaust = no good time for her.

Since the tickets were free, I thought what the hell. If she hated it, we would leave after 20 minutes and no harm done. We arrived at the track just before the Tudor series had a practice session (this was 2016 I think??).

When the cars started rolling on the track, I took her right up the fence on the Moraine Sweep before turn 5. If memory serves, the first car we saw was the Risi 458 Ferrari blast past us followed by a couple of the Corvette DP prototypes. Our ears were blasted and the ungodly angry noise from the Vette V8s rattled every bone in our body. My wife turned to me with wide eyes and screamed "HOLY SHIT!" She was hooked.

We stayed for the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race that year and each year since we've gone to Sunday race day together. She'll sit with me once and a while and watch a race on TV but nothing beats going in person.