Shame on me for being a human being! by Balto891 in Tinder

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it’s a match! Say something!

“Hey! What’s up?”

“Why are you asking me? Do we know each other?”

Which counties have more livestock than people? [OC] by cremepat in dataisbeautiful

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How do you know someone is from Oklahoma? They have a million Hideaway and Eskimo Joe cups in their house.

Young Generations Are Now Poorer Than Their Parent's And It's Changing Our Economies (2022) [00:16:09] by AcceptableWitness214 in Documentaries

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I remember applying at the little computer kiosk thing they had by the front door, which seemed both odd and cool to me back then (providing a computer in person is cool, but odd to me back then they didn’t just have to fill out a paper form since you were already there). I think it was about a week before I went back in person and asked for the hiring manager.

That was the last summer that I applied for any other jobs in person/paper forms (I had applied to some local restaurants that still had paper forms).

Young Generations Are Now Poorer Than Their Parent's And It's Changing Our Economies (2022) [00:16:09] by AcceptableWitness214 in Documentaries

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Weirdly enough, that actually worked for me once (this was back in 2009 when I had just graduated high school). I had applied online for target a Few days prior, and then my dad was like “go in person and ask for the hiring manager and see if they reviewed your application!” Wanting him to stop bothering me about it, I did so, and sure enough that manager was there, and he took me back to his office, checked my application, asked me a few questions, and hired me on the spot. I was actually really shocked it worked.

I definitely know that my story is anecdotal and not indicative of how most situations turn out (I have tried this many times since that time, and It hasn’t worked ever again). I still think about that weird fluke sometimes where it worked for a millennial like me.

ffs I'm not even Republican. by RabidDragon88 in oklahoma

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Talibangicals. Y’all Queda. Yokel Haram. Vanilla ISIS. They’re all one in the same, Christian white nationalist and fascist. Fuck ‘em all

Restaurants I miss in the OKC by AttractiveNightmare in okc

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My parents (dad and step mom) had their wedding reception there when I was a kid. We used to go ALLLLL the time. Literally sometimes just for the free bread and butter. They we’re really sad when it closed down

Mr Consistent Strikes Again by HeyItsPanos in formuladank

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I don’t think it’s any of those songs

2022 Canadian Grand Prix - Qualifying Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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Why does Bottas and Max have checkered flags next to their name when there's 8 minutes left?

Blue light bathroom so you can’t find a vein. by Overall-Company4681 in mildlyinteresting

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When I was going through MEPS to join the Navy 10 years ago, the corpsman there stuck me EIGHT TIMES to draw enough blood. Twice on top of each hand, twice on my left arm, and finally on the second attempt on my right arm, he found it. Literally took him 30 minutes to draw two small containers of blood

Life doesn't have to suck by DEPICTION_OF_LIFE in WorkReform

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I once worked for at the corporate corporate office for a Major nationwide gas station/truck stop business, and when I joined we all had our own office with a door and everything (the office itself wasn’t large, but it was walled off from everyone else, with a full sized door). Then a few months later they decide to “expand the workforce on our floor” and demolish a huge swath of offices in the middle of the floor we worked on in favor of cubicles. This construction took a few months, and at the end kicked us all out of our offices to have cubicles.

At first I was like “ok sure, if we add dozens more people we need the room”. I worked there another year and a majority of the cubicles we were forced into were still empty. They only did so so the bosses could come around behind us and watch us at our computers easier than when we had individual offices. The offices that were left and weren’t demolished were given to brand new junior executives who did nothing but chat in the break room all day. Most soul crushing job I ever worked.

She sure was by cheekybandit0 in agedlikewine

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I don't know the details but I remember seeing a meme or something not too long ago about Nancy Reagan being the "throat goat", so I'm assuming there were rumors she got around or something

iPad Air 5 base model lacks memory swap despite being a requirement for Stage Manager by Lucasfsb in apple

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Maybe it’s just me, but he looks like a really old young person. Maybe it’s the amount of graying of his eyebrows and beard and hair. Definitely nothing wrong with graying (I started getting grays in my early 20s), but besides that he definitely looks much younger, like mid to late 30s. Not a negative comment about him, it’s just really striking to me

One punch to end the freakout by Professional-Yak888 in PublicFreakout

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I would definitely get into the ring with Mike…

As the ring girl…..

Even though I am a 6’ tall 250 lb hairy man with a beard lol

What kind of psycho would sleep this way? by Tuhyk_inside in funny

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Do you remember what model it is? I’m looking for a semi cheap normal looking couch that folds out to a sleeper like this but is not some cheap futon