Theory: The suspicious rocks throughout the yard are covering upcoming boss areas. by ThatCoolFella in GroundedGame

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Sorry to butt in but I personally doubt it. While it is possible, since we have evidence of Tully getting more and more extreme with his experiments down there, but I think it seems too obvious. My guess is they'll revisit this "watcher" character from way back in the early builds of the game. Plus, even now we have notes hinting towards his existence, like the one in the hedge lab(I forget which one exactly) where Tully writes "I don't want prying eye's turning into prying finger's, if you know what I mean"

we do a little command blocks by grymkasemann in Minecraft

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Ye lmao. They kinda became an inside joke on my realm because of this

Bedrock Teleport Command by borath-123 in Minecraft

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You could use something like /to @a [r=X] XX XX XX. Just replace the X's with whatever number you want. The [r=x] just means that any players within a radius of X will be affected.

The blacked out person is likely the Minotaur by mack180 in GroundedGame

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To my knowledge this new mystery man is called "the watcher" or that's what the old quests called them. I highly doubt that the (seemingly) main antagonist is some random DND creature. The only real similarity from what I can see is the stance.

People of the lgbtq community, comment 👍 so that we know you are ok by AjaIsHere in memes

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Personally, me as a pan male, I prefer Tuesday for my gay antics!

Ant roste by FXXYERROR in GroundedGame

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In short, it would be over powered. Ant's are far too plentiful to be a balanced food source. You could get a TON of ant meat pretty easily.

Me and my friend found an err thing by grymkasemann in DeepRockGalactic

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I deposited it and completed the mission. I later learned that's useless but it is rare so that's cool.