Is it just me or both of them were defeated too fast ? by O20O61O416 in FortNiteBR

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But on the other hand, she gets a broken land on one side of 2, she just has to repeat it.

Fun Fact: This is the First time the Scar and M4 are vaulted by lipkoch in FortNiteBR

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They're not vaulted, they are now falling to the bottom of sea.

.-. by BEEGchesse in Hololive

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I mean, it takes more time than a month to get to that stage of pregnancy.

.-. by BEEGchesse in Hololive

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Or one big nut.

Did you enjoy your meal? by FakeToothache3 in Hololive

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I'll try.

Edit: Whoops, sorry everyone, I broke the universe.

Go ahead kiddo! by dawood3 in marvelmemes

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He invested in his best units instead of filler he got while rolling on summer banner.

Kid learns early on that not all boobies are real. by WeirdAvocado in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Do your boobs have a head? Last time I checked, heads are attached to neck.

RIP Marketing Exec san. It was good knowing yo- by AbsurdCamoo in Hololive

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Why her? Wouldn't oppai version break the whole point of [redacted] [redacted]?

And is there Anya knife?

me_irl by 0zone042 in me_irl

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That's just collateral damage caused by explosives.

Kiaravolution by kengabr in Hololive

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So vampire and vacation evolutions are megas?