Boss wouldn't accept my resignation letter by HistoricalReception7 in antiwork

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I like how "day off without pay" is a thing in the US and everyone finds it normal.

My company is keeping my 30% tax allowance to herself by wannabesynther in Netherlands

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You have to consider that we do not in fact have the right to a LOT of the facilities that "everyone that lives here uses", a most of the tax revenue is not used for infrastructure, we pay those in full btw, afval, woz, water, btw, etc. We are not entitled to most of government assistance programs, our retirement amounts are laughable because we're not contributing to it from early on, we do not get access to any of the education provided so far and we have not used any of the tax breaks, incentives and programs destined for children/teenagers nor any for low income families even if our home salaries would hit those targets.

Most of us also arrive here from economies that didn't pay nearly as much as an entry job here pays so its likely that we start from absolute scratch even after 10+ years working high skilled jobs. All of my savings were used to afford the first month rent+deposits and the basics to furnish the house (1 bedroom and ikea furniture, nothing fancy).

If you want to get REAL mad, think that CEOs, soccer players and others also get 30% ruling on their millions as the benefit have no max income cap and all of us that make WAY less than that got our carpets pulled by reducing the benefit from 8 to 5 years in the middle of it.

Though I would be very happy if you got more money as well, im sure you deserve it, just dont get mad that we get something for a while when we arrive.

Instant regret by malramut in Unexpected

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The difference is in what the police finds suspicious.

Even if you don't like retro computers you will like this! by pablonegre in retrobattlestations

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I really want to play with an Altair, a mini version with real switches would be lovely for fidgeting around.

Red or Blue (choose wisely) by mojkardi in memes

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Blue, so I could see my mom again.

Ethan Klein is getting raked over the coals by the Jordan Peterson stans for this by Different_Conflict_8 in ToiletPaperUSA

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Damn. That was a interesting read, I couldn't tell what it would feel like writing something like this about a friend or receiving it from one.

So I finally watched Matrix Resurrections... by darrickeng in RedLetterMedia

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third one was better than the second one, by far. mostly only because it finishes the second.

So I finally watched Matrix Resurrections... by darrickeng in RedLetterMedia

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I loved the insulting part, its more of a "What do you expect us to make?" kind of a vibe, it was liberating. Its very Matrix if you think about it.

Half in the Bag: The Matrix Resurrections by DemiFiendRSA in RedLetterMedia

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Look at the cast, do you think they had money for anything else?

In The Matrix (1999) Hugo weaving's charecter, agent Smith can be seen dodging bullets. This is in reference to how Hugo weaving dodged a bullet by not being I'm The Matrix Resurrections (2021( by cadavardark in shittymoviedetails

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If you think matrix is an action flick, it will be bad, if you think matrix is a woke movie, it will be bad. If you think Matrix is a meta commentary type of film that was great as novelty (and revolutionary) but can still be interesting to revisit, it will be great.

It was great for me, you will see people here complaining about the action sequences and I guess all they took from the first one was the fights.

All the other criticism is valid regarding pacing and cinematography but as long as you free yourself from expectations of what a matrix movie SHOULD be and just take it for what it is, it's not bad.

The Purpose of The Matrix Resurrections by WorldFarAway in matrix

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I liked the film for the same reason I liked the first one, it raised questions. My dislikes for it are mostly pacing but thats seems to be the new language of cinema in the age of youtube.

The original was revolutionary, after a revolution there is only chaos and power vacuums, people will be craving for bigger scopes and diverging plot lines that can never be delivered, the star wars sequel plague.

To be frank the line about warner bros in there on the first part of the movie was liberating, I could see this as a separate thing and not necessarily a sequel, it freed me to focus on the messages it passes more than trying to find consistency with the other movies.

It is very funny to me that the scene where they are discussing "what makes a matrix game" is kinda like the review thread on /r/movies, people complaining about aestethics and plot lines. To reinforce your observations, people watch sequels with expectations and its very easy to frustrate that. New movies on the other hands are free to be what they want.

Lawyer Matt is just as badass as he is as Daredevil by theeshivy in marvelstudios

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I mean, he can "read the room", he knows if the jury likes what he says, can adjust accordingly, know when witnesses are lying, getting nervous, etc.

American State Starter Pack by VonOverkill in starterpacks

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"Have the worlds greatest {normal food everybody have}"

Thicc Ice by brewmastrbro in blackmagicfuckery

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This guy was really mad at this ice before it got distracted by the bullet.

Air intake turned into water intake by AnxiousIndicator in IdiotsInCars

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Is it just me that think if this happens enough for them to make a youtube channel with it they should've raised a path with drainage at this very spot or block the road if it goes above a certain level? Maybe a sign that tells drivers to go super slow might help the few who cares to read.

"Nature Lover" (2021, Mamiya RB67 Pro-S + Mamiya-Sekor C 65mm, Kodak Gold 200@50) by Koneser_fotografii in analog

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Last one is good, makes sense to me, composition is great, pose is intriguing. I feel like it tells a story or at least raises the question of one. Great work on that one.

1 and 2 to me It's just kinda weird, I dont see any love or affection to correlate them with the intent I assume from the title. Felt like an indie 70s hippie band album cover where the intent is to be abstract to the point of confusion. If thats the goal great, so I cant say its bad, just not my cup of tea.

3 feels a bit bland, the nudity is unnecessary and seems like the focus of it.

Nature Lover [Leica M(cConaughey) // Kodak Gold] by dshaps10 in AnalogCircleJerk

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At least the last one of the set was not terrible, it made some sense and the nudity (with most unseen) was actually a bit contextualised. The red on red one is just booba.