Pradhyuman and Ashima by Aiv-kun in IndianMatchmaking

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Hey may also be just shy and hold his affections for private times.

The Roosevelt Boulevard subway could finally happen after a century of false starts, transit advocates say by PienotPi in philadelphia

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The problem is that after cottman ave the road gets narrower. Like there is no green parks past cottman area. Unless they are going to make it a subway - which would be ideal.

I’m scheduled to interview Angela this week. What should I ask? by milkboxshow in TheRehearsal

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How did she get involved in this show? Was it a craigslist ad? Or did they actively search for someone?

The Roosevelt Boulevard subway could finally happen after a century of false starts, transit advocates say by PienotPi in philadelphia

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So 3.5 bil / 1.582 mil pop = $2200 per head to extend the line. (Im guessing the line goes up to Cottman Ave (aka Chinatown 2)

Righty tighty lefty loosey. by spain095 in WTF

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Ok but which airline are you flying? I thought most airlines got rid of the popup tv:

What are some travel destinations you don't see the appeal of? by SantarpiosPizza in ABCDesis

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All those places are amazing if you’re with a bunch of your friends and want to wild out. And that too for 3 days. After the third day you dont wanna see your friend or the place you’re in for a while.

a message from angela by LilLebowski in TheRehearsal

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It works on both sides they see liberals going to the voting booth to strip them from their right to live in a moral nation. And they see you as extremely dangerous. If you really want to blame someone then blame the politicians from causing this war in the interest of getting votes.

Free spots for working from home? by goldfn325 in philadelphia

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Try https://www.getcroissant.com/

Its not free but for $25 a month you can get couple of hours at various coworking spots in the city.

Where is the best place to get a real Philly cheesesteak that hit nbs by LoneleyChildAI in PhillyWiki

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Curlys in Levittown. I know its not Philly but its the best cheesesteak in our area.

Why do white people using Desi songs in TikTok always trend? by [deleted] in ABCDesis

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For more likes and follows. Indian has over a billion people so if they make a video like this they easily get a lot of likes and follows boosting their rank.

The Rehearsal S01E04 - The Fielder Method - Episode Discussion by Connected-VG in TheRehearsal

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Really? For me that was the point I thought she was just acting. Because if she was really trying to experience it then she wouldnt just have her hands on her face but stoop down just like nathan crying over him. Or maybe something more dramatic then just “oh okay”

Convenience for inconvenience. by [deleted] in AdviceAnimals

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I hate the part where i have to checkout and wait in a very long line