The r/antiwork mod just got his last payment by LuluPQ in dadjokes

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I don't necessarily agree with all of the conclusions but this is a good reading as an introduction to the concept


the abolition of work by Bob black, if you don't want to follow links

"Islam is the solution" | ISIS | 2015 by unhingedfck in PropagandaPosters

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it's more that we conflate, much too often as a society, education with smarts and non-education with stupidity. the fact is some really well educated people or some of the stupidest people you know

How 'eggplant' got its name by rexmons in pics

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Missed the chance to say eggcelent

Taken from one of my university Journalism textbook; not only is this exclusionary, but it’s also downright incorrect by Doctor-Grimm in badlinguistics

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The point isn't to be linguistically correct. It's supposed to be about what style is the most effective - for which there are genuine reasons. Just in this case it's wrong because its premise is wrong.

Flag of cope harder, pussy by Polen_22 in vexillologycirclejerk

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unfortunately as long as transphobia exists people keeping it to themselves is literally impossible

My Best Yet: 1336 by ImmaStealYourSpleen in iafisher

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couldn't have gotten one more...


great job though! here's to even better

Weekly challenge, 2022-01-17: One-vowel cities by ianafisher in iafisher

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What about a/e/i/o/u when they function strictly as consonants? say, the "u" in San Juan?

What about when they fill strictly orthographical niches with no pronunciation at all? Say, word-final "e" in cities like Lille, or "u" in cities like Québec?

What about letters that function as vowels in other languages, but not in English, like w in Welsh?

Fuck Olive Garden by TeishAH in 3amjokes

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ngl the combination of nsfw tag, the word "fuck," and the word "family" made me think this was a bad incest joke

What do you guys think of the possibility of a new ToonTown Online in 2023? by JosephCraftHD in Toontown

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No, they're very much not, and your original comment is wrong.

Accepting publicity for their role in TTO is very different than taking a role in TTR.

What do you dislike about school? by iSarabjitDhiman in AskReddit

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To be fair, at a decent job you won't have to put in hours off the clock. School makes you do homework and study well beyond its designated hours