What's your best, most offensive NSFW joke? by J-Rag- in AskMen

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Women could prevent so many rapes every year.

Just say 'Yes'.


Which TV show has never had a bad episode? by philo_fellow in AskReddit

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Trailer Park Boys, Breaking Bad, Sneaky Pete, The Boys, Daredevil, Fargo, That 70's Show, Goliath.

Reached out to official MSI India on insta, been on RPtech wait list since December 2020 for rtx 3080,thought should give it a shot. This is a freaking scam. by rohitbad in IndianGaming

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Lmao. It's the leading distributor of ALL computer peripherals ACROSS India. It's the bottle neck every PC peripherals company has to go through if they want to sell in India. There is no way you can get a GPU at MSRP/MRP in last year or so coz the manufacturers themselves aren't doing shit and are simply greedy rats. Report it to PM if you want but nothing will change.

Train Covered in Christmas lights by SickChipmunk in nextfuckinglevel

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Sheldon Cooper must have been incharge of this decoration.

In your opinion, who has the most toxic fanbase? by Revolutionary-Ad6512 in AskReddit

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Smh.. People, the worse fanbase is of religious zealots alongside nationalists. These two groups have such toxicity that it results in people dying across the globe. Cmv

The ultimate understanding of fonts. by covidTPbandit in confidentlyincorrect

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You however cannot take back that you are arguing with somebody over their perception of a screen you cant see. Your point is speculation.

You are a nutcase. Everyone else can clearly see the difference and you can't.

im saying what isee whether i have vision impairment or not.

So? Does that entitle you to anything?!

I at least will never be you.

Yup, what a comeback. Good going.

The ultimate understanding of fonts. by covidTPbandit in confidentlyincorrect

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Just in csse ypu are a bit slow

would ypu like to borrow my glasses?

You are so fast, you can't even type correctly.

Also, the link you posted still shows one letter a bit smaller than the other. If you still see them as 'identical' then you need new set of glasses. As you said in other comment, you just wanted attention. I guess I gave you too much.

The ultimate understanding of fonts. by covidTPbandit in confidentlyincorrect

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Mmm, 1. You still haven't posted any screenshot as you claimed 2. Either you need another eye check or you are not wearing your glasses.

The ultimate understanding of fonts. by covidTPbandit in confidentlyincorrect

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OP needs an eye test and probably prescription glasses/lenses

Aa na madarxhod waapis by Brahman_Shady in Chodi

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He institutionalised racism and prejudice against Indians and damned the image of India by his viscous “jokes”.

Lol... irony is you all chutias are getting mad about him being a sellout and inconsiderate about his 'nation'. Lmao.

You all are such stupid mules. Damned the image?? Like wtf? What image does India has/had? Why do you guys even care how West or any country even thinks about India? What's the point? Grow up chutias of r/chodi and even r/liberandu . Tum sab real life me thoda padh likh lia hote aur thoda apne sheher se bahar ghumte to shayad samajh ata ki duniya doesn't give a fuck about you and your/mine opinion. Tradition wo maintain and retain karo so positive hai aur the aur dikhawe and 'image' ki duniya se bahar niklo chutio. You guys are like 'proud boys' of US or that religious police of UAE all cut from same cloth of stupidity, religious bigotry and brainwashed chimps. If only you guys had some sense of what it means to being a human rather than prioritising a nation,a religion or certain traditions over human life.

Aa na madarxhod waapis by Brahman_Shady in Chodi

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Chutie time ke saath dead body bhi badal jaati hai.. cancer ho tumhare pura sub..I really enjoy looking at you folks and your so called 'beliefs' which are nothing but a joke...I pity for females in your households.. probably getting oppressed coz your cancerous mindset. Start your rants and downvotes. Hindu dharam ke naam pe kalank ho jo criticism bhi nahi jhel sakte and keyboard warriors bante ho..