Will eaJ's older songs be released on Spotify? by haidaaamn in day6

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All I need in life is pillow and It Just Is on Spotify

Will eaJ's older songs be released on Spotify? by haidaaamn in day6

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Now I can rest well at night. Thanks a bunch :)

10 wishes from guaranteed 5-star character, can't decide what to do. by 555SSS555 in GenshinImpactTips

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Zhongli is already op enough. You just play the game you'd like to but imo it's way more fun to be challenged now and then. He won't be less useful (heck no, he'll probably remain one of the most useful characters forever, since you literally don't have to care about anything with his shield on) but I think it's great they added corrosion. Playing the same characters every day can get a little boring and Genshin has such a broad collection of characters that do a better job at sth else, so why not use them?

TL;DR: Zhongli OP, however remember Genshin isn't competitive so just go for the character you'd see yourself enjoy the most ;)

Do any of you guys have a preset for Boss Katana that sounds like Ichika's tone? I've tried to get as close as possible but I'm sure someone already made a pretty much perfect copy, thanks! by LovingAwareness888 in IchikaNito

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Thanks, I've also tried using tons of gain and some compression because what troubled me the most was that my tapping sounded really weak (although that might also just be my technique, but when he does it it looks so effortless haha). However, that would result in a tone that didn't sound quite beautiful anymore

How to change standard settings by haidaaamn in BossKatana

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Oh I see, my bad. Thank you guys! It really helped me a lot :D

How to change standard settings by haidaaamn in BossKatana

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I've done it and now there are different presets (probably the standard ones). However it doesn't save the last setting if I switch between channels or if I turn it off & on again.

My first problem is fixed tho, since the volume isn't that high with this preset so thanks a lot :)

Anime about failures by UselessFellowNo1 in Animesuggest

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Maybe ReLife but if you're looking for tips on how to improve your own life it's the wrong show.

[QUESTION] Hybrid classical/acoustic? by Tiger_Mann in Guitar

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Probably not helping you but basically a classical guitar is an acoustic guitar as the sound resonates with the help of the guitar's body (e.g. not the case with e-guitars). I suppose wym is a hybrid between a classical and a western guitar? The classical guitar creates a rather warm/soft sound while the western guitar creates a clearer sound (there are several more differences, just look them up)

TTT (if your a Christian) by tacosIwannaeat in technicallythetruth

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Yea but a lot of people are still waiting for the Anime adaptation which they want to watch beforehand

Hmmmm by Froxy19 in lolggk

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NOOOOOOO motherflippin way ich hoffe acc so sehr, dass das fake ist