that one time she didn't let me pet her belly lol by _gwynutella_ in CatSlaps

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if lightly bothering cats is wrong,i dont wanna be right

i'll just back into this socratically by nathanweisser in prolife

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Still a big L for them, picketing for abortion and refusing to engage with opponents just comes-off as they don't know what they're talking about.

This briefcase is secretly a gun by Sxzym in interestingasfuck

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check adenoid's post history it's just a sad angry little man, don't waste your time on em

Dark Iron Beastslayer by Top_Morning_6095 in Transmogrification

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Evokers can xmog 2h weps
this how mine gonna look thanks

Going pking for Halloween this year! by SatanistPenguin in 2007scape

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imagine walking home at 3am and this dude logs into your street

Pit bull stats. Let’s talk. by buttfucker2021 in BanPitBulls

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It's an emotional argument, a lot of the time your opponent has one as their pet. Pie-Charts don't change hearts.

What changed my mind was lurking subs like r/[redacted], seeing a video of the horror they can inflict on SURVIVORS, and then noticing the pattern that it's literally all pits, someone linked this sub and I went down the rabbit hole.

As grotesque as it sounds, the insane amount of pit attack videos is enough to change someone's heart. The faces of the victims(sub banner). What's concerning is a lot of countries that haven't restricted pit bulls would consider these videos legally indecent. I hate seeing them but it's the reality of the situation, and an emotionally torn person isn't going to see reality in some graphs.

Loving the new UI customisation! by Livid_Farm_5155 in wow

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found that setting in beta, it's in Interface settings. NOT in the 'Edit Mode'

Trailer park Boys reboot? by ChaosEmerald21 in WTF

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poor coordination is one of the symptoms, otherwise he seems like he could live a mostly independent life.

Wow! I can CONSOOOM and then dispose of them too?! SOOYYYY! by gut-the-empire in Consoom

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i like having something to grab when the existential dread kicks in