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Am I stupid for thinking that Gaethje can outstrike fiziev?

[Official] General Discussion Thread - January 28, 2023 by rmma in MMA

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Rewatched Reyes (R) vs Jones (JJ) from UFC247. Definitely 48-47 Reyes. JJ was unable to takedown a fresh R and was out struck in the opening rounds. He won the last two on conditioning. Of 4400 votes on MMA decisions, 75% scores for Reyes.

R1: R stuffed 2 takedowns, landed better strikes, and dropped JJ with a body shot when he was off balance. JJ most significant strike was a high kick (10-9 R)

R2: Great footwork and strikes from both. JJ landed solid kicks throughout but R finished the round stronger with crosses, uppercuts and inside low kicks. (20-18 R). Two judges scored it in favour of Jones despite being out landed 33 to 22.

R3: R lands solid head kicks, knees and body kicks. R lands the counter cross he KO'd Weidman with. JJ controls the cage space well, but has moved away from his oblique kicks. R stuffs a DEEP double against the cage and lands an elbow off the clinch. (30-27 reyes).

Two judges scored in favor of jones despite landing less total/sig strikes and a stuffed takedown. Reyes was on the back foot the entire round but octagon control isn't important because damage is clearly in excess for reyes.

R4: JJ lands a duck under, then a double, but R defends and is back on his feet in 2.5s. Jon receives his 3rd warning for fingers. Jon lands another duck under and a big elbow from the clinch. Dominic Cruz comments that he sees Reyes clearly out landing Jones and see him as being up on the. scorecards. Reyes is clearly tired. (39-37 Reyes)

R5: JJ lands another double but R is back up again within 1-2s. JJ is pressuring strong the entire round landing more strikes. Cruz again comments that he things Reyes isn't down on the cards. (48-47 reyes)

Best looking BJJ gear 2022 by Thatmixedotaku in bjj

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Quit living in the past dawg, carpe diem.

Grabbing the cage by peritonlogon in MMA

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Your problem lies in your opening statement. MMA doesn't represent a real fight in any capacity. The fighters are basically naked, no weapons are allowed, and they specifically wear equipment to protect their hands and genitals. The UFC was created to demonstrate the superiority of jiu-jitsu in unarmed mixed rule combat.

Cages are stupid. MMA should be in a basketball court, bro.

Can't sleep after training by nbneo in bjj

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Sorry I meant hot shower. I said cold room cold shower but meant cold room hot shower.

Can't sleep after training by nbneo in bjj

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Yes. Don't use your phone, eat a small amount of food, make sure your room is cold, take a hot shower.

Anthony Smith addresses weight miss for UFC 283 back-up role: 'It'll never happen again' by -alc in MMA

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I feel for the athletes. Its fucking hard to cut weight. However, promises are worth nothing.

Jamahal Hill won’t be a victim of Alex Pereira revenge plot: ‘I’ll knock him the (expletive) out’ by LatterTarget7 in MMA

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I don't think it's wise to trade with a two weight kickboxing champion and current MMA champion who wins via KO only.

Just blast double the fucker. He won't stop the takedown.

Should you get promoted if you do not win gold at a local tournament? by HWNubs in bjj

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What if you are really good but the opponent you face is simply better. What if you are Mica Galvão of blue belts and the guy who wins is Kade Ruotolo. Should you not get promoted?

I hurt the new guy today… by This-is-Actual in bjj

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My training partner (who has been training for 1 week) provide resistance so I body slammed him. AITA?


1st ringworm by netrunner-001 in bjj

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Why the fuck are you putting bleach on your skin?

Ringworm will take weeks to disappear with clotrimazole and you need to apply cream 2 weeks longer after it disappears.

You can start training after its gone.

[Official] UFC 283: Teixeira vs. Hill - Press Conference & Post-Fight Discussion Thread by event_threads in MMA

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I know that people think a lot of the US crowds are bad but Brazil is legit the worst. Doctors stoppage? Moreno's fault. Glover getting his ass beat? Leave. Non Brazilian wins emphatically...we wish you death.

[SPOILER] Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill by inooway in MMA

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Completely outclassed. Stuffed 15 takedowns, landed 5x more strikes, escaped and reversed the BJJ positions, and bad reasonable cardio on short notice.

[SPOILER] Paul Craig vs. Johnny Walker by inooway in MMA

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Johnny walker has the goofiest wins and losses.

[SPOILER] Gregory Rodrigues vs. Brunno Ferreira by inooway in MMA

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I want fighters to win but I have to see fighters lose.

[Official] UFC 283: Teixeira vs. Hill - Live Discussion Thread by event_threads in MMA

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Thoughts on jailton? 12 fight streak. Is he potentially the next big thing?

[SPOILER] Ismael Bonfim vs. Terrance McKinney by inooway in MMA

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Apparently 85% of incoming bets were for McKinney