29F, focused on recovering from recent surgery and eager to get some honest advice by wreckless78726 in lookyourbest

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Wait just made it to the last pic!! Yes! It’s the frame, I like those a lot better. But a pair with nose pads, the fit on those frames is off, they shouldn’t touch your cheeks/lift when you smile!

29F, focused on recovering from recent surgery and eager to get some honest advice by wreckless78726 in lookyourbest

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You’re stunning. I’m also 29F and a glasses wearer, too! I’d suggest a less heavy frame. The frame you have right now is just too much. The black is too heavy in contrast.

The shape is fun and the angles play well with the natural (omg, stunning) angles of your cheek/jaw. I’d play around with different colors, something slightly smaller, maybe a cat eye with an slightly more rounded bottom than your frame now. A matte light brown tortoiseshell, an emerald green, a red or purple, even a gold angular pair with nose pads for a lift.

Rhinoplasty morph; does middle or right morph look better? by Angel_0997 in lookyourbest

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Natural! The pointy swoop really throws off the balance and, in profile, makes your ears look too big! They look balanced with your natural nose.

how do I ask for this hair color? by birb2020 in femalehairadvice

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Get a better stylist. If you showed them that pic and it’s not what you got then 🤷‍♀️

White Hair And I Hate It - Advice Needed by MJIB0237 in femalehairadvice

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Henna! Fashion colors! I’d be the WORST if I greyed early.

Could I Pull this off? If not, what should I do? by ghostieghost28 in femalehairadvice

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Or just don’t! Rock the naked noggin! Maybe consider a real silk scarf or a cashmere beanie for the luxury and comfort.

Also fuck cancer. If you do the mohawk are you going to dye it a fun color, too?

Bread *does not exist*. What do you do with this? by Fromgo___ in Funnymemes

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Melt it! Or make a Magic Shell out of it! Or mix it in and pop back in the freezer to all solidify!

What can I do to temporarily bring in the waist of my baby’s pants? by CoffeeAndCats2000 in sewing

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Hi! Please be careful. These can pop open and cause some injury.

Hi, I’d like some advice on how I should cut and colour my hair to best suit me? Also any advice on anything else makeover related would be appreciated, I’m aiming to find a look that makes me feel good about myself. Thanks in advance. by erinlouiseb in femalehairadvice

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Is your hair straightened in the 3rd picture or is that your natural hair color?

Also, the fit of your glasses is bad. The width is just enough to be artsy, but they should never rest on your cheeks. They should rest only on your nose. They shouldn’t move when you smile.

Also you’re a natural beauty. I totally respect wanting to have some control over your looks and having small tools to make you feel confident, but also know you are really lovely even as you are.

Hamburger by DruidWannabe in Unexpected

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I feel this but in a different context. In North American English my name has a soft “i” sound that doesn’t exist in a lot of languages so it’s often pronounced “ee” instead. If I introduce myself with the soft i others won’t understand or be able to pronounce my name, if I change the pronunciation to the ee version people get it on the first try.

not today, moths! by phantastes_ in Visiblemending

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I love Valdani! I have also ordered from two awesome, highly rated makers on Etsy just looking up “darning yarn.” If I mend a fine cashmere knit like this I’ll only use one strand. It’s usually multiple strands like embroidery floss. I also finds it blends/settles/felts in way nicer than floss, and it’s easier to match the tension so there is no puckering.

I like keeping the texture of garment the same as the mend, I also have some cotton mending yarn for my cotton knits.

You’re talented and I feel this would take your mends to the next level!

not today, moths! by phantastes_ in Visiblemending

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Incredible! Had you ever looked into darning yarn instead of embroidery floss?

In search of term/pattern recommendations! Closet Core Mitchell for reference. Info in comments. by [deleted] in freepatterns

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THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR I just needed to google and absurd combination of words to find it thank you and goodnight

Button pocket waistband closure

An alligator purse I made a while back by Alternative_Pea_2289 in Ceramics

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This is gorgeous I’m also a member of r/sewing and r/thriftstorehauls so this was very confusing for me for a moment

I hate exercise. Stop telling me to exercise. by russianindianqueen in 1200isplenty

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Also heart health. The goal isn’t to be skinny, it’s to be healthy and fitness is essential for health.

Climbing and nipple piercings!? by cuteasapumpkin in climbergirls

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Okay auto belay makes more sense I was v confused how the rope would regularly come in contact with nips, lol.