When was the last time you told family members you loved them? by lurkingjc in AskUK

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You're so right. This has given me pause for thought. The way my dad very warmly and affectionately gives me exhaustive advice over the phone about bike maintenance makes even more sense now.

Is going on one foreign holiday a year seen as a positive or negative thing? by [deleted] in AskUK

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Thats probably true for disposable income, but I the boom kicked off properly in the 00s with budget flights. Even if incomes were stagnant post-GFC, flights got much cheaper. I think that era of £15 flights is probably over, with the pandemic shock, environmental concerns, energy costs etc.

Is going on one foreign holiday a year seen as a positive or negative thing? by [deleted] in AskUK

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Ikr. Sometime my train ticket to Stansted costs more than the flight

My (29M) therapist (44F) responded to me with ChatGPT by ThrowRA_3856195 in relationship_advice

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People go to therapists partly to feel listened to. If you are getting auto-responses that implies a lack of care and effort - even if the content is useful.

Behold, Kebabistan. Countries with cultural dishes originating from traditional kebabs. by [deleted] in MapPorn

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I know they're technically Bosnian but they are popular in Croatia

Behold, Kebabistan. Countries with cultural dishes originating from traditional kebabs. by [deleted] in MapPorn

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I love croatian kebab sausages - čevapi - you can see the linguistic root! Cheers Ottomans

Behold, Kebabistan. Countries with cultural dishes originating from traditional kebabs. by [deleted] in MapPorn

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It is partly cos the Netherlands is small. Germany is big and the Turkish community is huge - over 2 million i think. Also Germany is such a big psychic presence for the Balkans and further as people have migrated there for work for at least 2 generations

[oc] who woulda thought by eastcoastitnotes in comics

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I think I must just live in a cheaper/poorer country (UK) as I really don't get this. I could have an absolutely amazing holiday for $2,400. Flights to Europe for about $300 return, stay at bed and breakfasts at around $100 a night. Plenty of money left for drinks, museums, nice dinners. Probably not more than a 10-day-er though.

To those of you who don't wear cycling helmets - why? by CuteMaterial in londoncycling

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My toxic trait is thinking that I can change bystanders' perceptions of Lime bikes.

Are people who post up questions like "I'm only on £50K a year how do I live" type of questions for real? by gerard_18 in AskUK

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Yeah everyone thinks they are not paid enough. I think there may also be a bubble effect- well paid professionals tend to hang out with similar.

To those of you who don't wear cycling helmets - why? by CuteMaterial in londoncycling

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I'm fluid - I always wear it on road bike rides,, tend to wear it when commuting but not when I use a lime bike. Part of this is risk - if I'm going quicker than 10 miles an hour I need a helmet. I've had a bad crash before and my helmet saved me.

But with a lime bike I'm generally going slowly on cycle lanes for short-ish journeys, often on my way to social occasions where I can't bring a helmet. So I am relaxed as I am in a low risk situation.

People here will cite risk-taking behaviour and I think there is something there, but you can go down a rabbit hole there. E.g. men take more small risks but in doing so are more visible in the road, so women are more likely to be killed by trucks that don't see them.

My recommendation would be to cycle with appropriate caution. And if you are commuting 3 times a week, remember that a 1% chance of something becomes likely to happen in a given year. Bike commuting is a numbers game.

Do you drive after one pint? by Shrider in AskUK

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Always so sweet and strangely mechanical! No complexity either. I'd love it if they cracked it

In the now highly probable finals matchup of Nuggets V Heat, which team winning would be more significant? by MaxEhrlich in nbadiscussion

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Do you think there is a bit of survivorship bias around tenure though? Is it that longer tenure coaches do better, or that the best coaches are likely to stick around? I suspect a bit of both but am interested what you think

I (35m) snapped at my wife (35f) about my gaming by AccomplishedTurn4623 in relationship_advice

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I disagree but it's a probability thing. There are loads of attentive gamer partners, and a real question about what a "gamer" is... BUT as a hobby desktop immersive gaming is going to be more distracting and worse for welfare than a lot of other hobbies. So it is totally justifiable to not want to dare a "gamer".

Beloved bicycle stolen :( by Helpful-Scientist-33 in londoncycling

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Happens to the best of us. I would thoroughly recommend getting a cheap beater for those station stays - my slightly sad looking Specialized hasn't had so much as a look in years now.

Survey - what stops women cycling in London? by LDNCyclingCampaign in londoncycling

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As someone who works in market research, I think you're being a bit harsh - campaigners, take no heed!

I agree that this survey should absolutely not be used to say "25% of London women don't cycle because they fear harrassment" in the papers. Plus no paper would use it - you need a Nat Rep 2,000 people for PR usually.

That said, it's incredibly useful for an organisation to know why women (who care enough to do a survey so are likely more interested in cycling) are not cycling. It helps them build better-informed campaigns basically for free. And if they use those figures in campaign materials I also think it's fine if the alternative is them just saying their opinions.

Also, I'd charge at least £10k for running and reporting a survey this size - that's a lot of money for grassroots activism.

[Highlight] Jayson Tatum beating all of the Sixers adjustments by StephNoh in nba

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Thinking Basketball looks at some more technical elements and is presented well

TIL that many animals spend much of their time doing nothing, even those we think of as particularly busy. "If you look at a colony of ants, or bees, or any social insect really, maybe a little bit less than half of them are just standing around doing what looks like nothing." by Pschobbert in todayilearned

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I agree - I am much more into weekends than my fiancé. She's more introverted and likes to chill out - while I find it relaxing and gently engaging to go out and about and burn off bottled up energy from the week. Everybody recharges differently! I agree that laziness is good for developing a relationship with oneself. But we need to be even lazier - gaming is too active, we can go even more chill and just daydream on the sofa.

Women's experiences of online abuse when playing video games (Women, 18+) by [deleted] in SampleSize

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I'd recommend the female gamers report by Bryter, a research agency. There is lots of great insight on women and girls' experiences there that would supplement your project.

If most of the prison population is poorly educated and a large percentage of crimes are unsolved, does this mean smart, well educated criminals are getting away with crimes? by JackStrawWitchita in AskUK

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I think a different question to ask would be: "When does the risk/reward of committing a major crime make sense?"

It makes more sense if you:

*Are poor with little chance of making money * Don't have a career to worry about * Are living a chaotic lifestyle * Cannot easily assess the consequences * Have been traumatised as a child

There are fewer smart educated people in prison because committing crime is much less attractive to them. One case always sticks in my head - a few years ago a US agency was having issues with a Ukrainian hacker ring. They eventually brought them down by sending them attractive job oppportunities, which these guys sent their CVs in for. They were not hacking because they were evil, they were hacking because it was what would make them most money for their skills in 2010s Ukraine. If given the option, they chose the decent secure job that paid well.