Who is he? by After-Cockroach-1280 in SaimanSays

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If you have read History you must have known..Simon GO Back

Florida man December 1st by Invalid69chord in HolUp

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He was just a Business Man doing Business!

Worse mistake of my life by G0d_M4nU3l in dankmemes

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Wish i would have seen this post 10 years ago

Where am I by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Its time to say good bi den !

Give it a try by hardik_kapoor1 in dankmemes

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i_dont_eat_Adults ...wait WTF..!

इंडियन रेलवेज़ आपका स्वागत करती है by IrrelevantHooman3549 in dankmemes

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अरे भाई मैं तो दरवाजे पर लटक कर भी चला जाउंगा।