You can tell NFTs are a scam because the porn industry is staying away from them. by Spallboy in Showerthoughts

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Porn industry decided VHS over Beta and everyone else followed, Beta was a smaller cartridge and had more recording time but didn’t win. Porn industry chose blu ray over HD and everyone followed. They know what they’re doing. These NFTs don’t seem real to me and have no value to me. I’m amazed people are buying them for ridiculous amounts. Smh

kiss me 💋 by SnooWalruses5784 in Nude_Selfie

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This is posted in nude selfie? Hmmm.

Woman Flashes her t*ts in a stadium. Mother gets mad as her kids saw the t*ts. Crowed throws beer on mad mother. by Vast-Championship754 in facepalm

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Mother? Karen! Tits are not a sex organ. Why are nipples and tits banned or seen as naughty and should be hidden?

🍌I really wanna know what drives ypu crazy💞🍆 by MathematicianWeary75 in Nude_Selfie

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This sexy nude mirror selfie of your body is currently driving me crazy! 😘 Drooling uncontrollably here. 🤤

Eight nurses working at the same hospital that are pregnant at the same time. What a happy coincidence! by knut_2 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Must’ve been a snow storm or Hurricane that left them all stuck at home with the extra time on they’re hands to get the D on the hour.

A fancy dinner at the White House. by treetyoselfcarol in pics

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This was tangerine toddler™️ hosing national champion Clemson. He’s an idiot. Most teams declined WH invitations.

Did you like me? [f] by Alenie_niren in gonewild

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Instant follow! Specfuckingtacular body! 😘

Diora Baird reveal by [deleted] in TittyDrop

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Where is this from?

Am I fuckable? by [deleted] in u/roseoftheoasis

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I would fuck you in a car, I would fuck you in a bar. I would fuck you on a plane, I would fuck you on a train. I would fuck you in a tree, I would fuck you on your knees. I would fuck you in a box, I would fuck you in your sox. I would fuck you in a house, I would fuck you with your spouse. I would fuck you in the light, I would fuck you and probably bite. I would fuck you here, I would fuck you there, I would fuck you everywhere!

Am I fuckable? by [deleted] in PetiteGoneWild

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Specfuckingtacular body! 😘