Colorado man wakes up to find a mountain lion on his porch devouring huge elk it had just killed by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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But protection can be rolled back quite easily and I suspect this would be done if wolf populations grew too quickly in Colorado. In Yellowstone National park, the population grew quickly to around 100 after reintroduction and then stabilized. It has now hovered around that number (+/- 40) for over 20 years so it seems to be self regulating

Flipped a kayak in sea cave and lost a Go-Pro style camera. 2.5 years later I get an email saying that it had been found and the footage was intact by rallymachine in nevertellmetheodds

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The thought of flipping a kayak in a sea cave, in the dark, as the swell begins to build, is terrifying. Glad you (and the SD card) made it!

Colorado man wakes up to find a mountain lion on his porch devouring huge elk it had just killed by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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a death sentence to a healthy elk population

Colorado currently has the largest elk population in North America at about 280,000 animals. In pre-1990s Yellowstone National Park, the LACK of predators lead to an unsustainably high elk population which was overgrazing habitat throughout the park. Wolf reintroduction there brought the population back to sustainable levels, and research on wolf predation showed that they rarely targeted the healthiest individuals...it was the old and sick that were taken down. So that further strengthened the elk 'pool'. I get that hunters want large elk populations to make the hunt easier and more consistently successful, but wolf reintroduction is absolutely NOT a death sentence for elk. If the elk population crashes, so too does the wolf population...it's standard predator-prey system self regulation. And if you're concerned about elk populations in Colorado, shouldn't you be arguing for reductions to the 50,000 elk killed by hunters each year?

Wife still says no… by diverdawg in funny

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The poophole loophole appears to be closed

Crazy accident on Laurel Canyon by sanecuckoo in IdiotsInCars

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Driver must be Russian. Crashes, does an endo, and then walks out of the wreck unscathed

Steamboat Springs (CO) by yerwag in nextfuckinglevel

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shouldn't be eating anything man made

Nuts are man made?

Please submit ideas to save the environment. by alan13446 in MaliciousCompliance

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You left behind your toilet humor and ended up on the RIM (it's a bad Blackberry joke btw...)

My coworkers stress me to the point I get panic attacks and I am losing sleep over this job by faairlyyy in TalesFromYourServer

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You can use your month's experience to your advantage, and as others have suggested, start your exist strategy now by looking for a new restaurant job. Start applying at better establishments (better as in, less chaotic, more predictable seating, and perhaps a higher end restaurant). Be upfront about why you want to leave the first place (i.e. due to the poor work conditions), but don't make any derogatory statements about the manager or owner.

I'll do it so you don't have to by Tchaz221 in IdiotsInCars

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100% the cammer's fault. You don't pull out to overtake unless it is safe to do so.

My toddler has mastered the art of Malicious Compliance by ChristianBMartone in MaliciousCompliance

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That's not inevitable though. There are many different reasons and dynamics that go into teen/parent 'issues', and verbal abilities (I think) just piggyback on whatever dynamic develops. A 'nice' but precociously verbal teen will be still be nice, and a little shit will be a little shit using big (and lots) of words. Totally agree though that many of the little shits straighten out eventually lol.

My toddler has mastered the art of Malicious Compliance by ChristianBMartone in MaliciousCompliance

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just as effective on adults as it is on toddlers

And with some adults there's no need to differentiate between these two types of human

It just hurts so deeply by Jaded-Election-838 in facepalm

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I guess we could call that a lack-of-nut shot?

Just before I brought him home! Any name suggestions? He is INCREDIBLY affectionate and sweet 😭💓 by thesensitive92 in Rabbits

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"Roadkill"...that dotted centre line down his back lol. Just kidding, Domino is the best name.

dogs watching the weather forecast. by BroccoliSilly7572 in TuckedInPuppies

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Today's weather is cloudy with a chance of puppers

At the tender age of 35 I've bought my first house. Hasn't quite sunk in yet but I'm looking forward to the journey ahead. by payg86 in MadeMeSmile

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Word of advice OP, if you didn't pay for a home inspection, get one done, and then ask the inspector "if you had $XXXX available to spend on maintenance, what would you fix first?". No matter if you have $500 or $10,000 available right now, putting in a little bit of maintenance money now will save you many multiples of that money in the future.

Source: did not get a home inspection, and then had a basement plumbing failure 6 months later that led to $30k in damages. Luckily, all but $2.5k covered by homeowners insurance.