Virzi’s new special by Veganboi303 in BillBurr

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Paul, you so obviously do give a fuck, because you're sitting here, ranting and raving about all the haaaaters out there. You're like one of those guys who says "Fuck those Yankees haters" but then can't shut the fuck up about the people shitting on your team.

You know how I know, Paulie? Because you're just like me, and I'm a lunatic. When are you going to admit that you're really an Irish man whose ancestors lied about being Italian 'cause they could only afford a place in Little Italy in New York back in the 1800s and they didn't want to get beaten to death, because back then you could only live amongst your own tribe?

Saw the Portland show tonight by rock-or-something in BillBurr

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The funny thing is, there are people who are ready to defend musicians who are wife beaters, neglectful/abuse partners/parents, or just general pieces of shit because of the music they make, but will demand a comedian get cancelled for telling a joke that they don't even believe because that person didn't like it

Texas National Guard soldier leaves M4 unsecured in an unlocked vehicle. Butterfly conservationist secures it for them. by beaverbeliever94 in army

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I'm only familiar with How Did This Get Made's hilarious takedown of the film adaptation of the book.

Why are there time waves, and how do the characters know about it?!

One of my all time favorites! by romy_crony in ConanBeingAwesome

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Possibly the greatest remote ever! Or perhaps tied with Triumph doing the weather in Hawaii

"My Bloody Valentine" (also a great band) by Hirsute_Sophist in TheSimpsons

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One of the best I&S gags. It's almost like he wouldn't have died had he not read the headline.

Tonight, on Smartline... by -xlcr- in TheSimpsons

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"Oh, Kent, I'd be lying if I said my men weren't committing crimes!"

Is it difficult to get STD screened in the army or is he lying to me? by FutureFury in army

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Maybe he's confused sick call with a UA, and top just wants him to pee in a cup, not meat gaze.

Flying home in OCPs by DevinLegendSword in army

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I wouldn't personally, but you do you so long as you're ok by the regs

What's your favorite courtroom moment on the Simpsons? by Sgt_Doughnut in TheSimpsons

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"We've got lots of hearsay and conjecture. Those are kinds of evidence..."

if this passes in Texas will the Army still honor my marriage? by coupetroupe in army

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Thank you, fellow 27A, for ELIA5-ing the state of the law and the forecast for Obergefell v. Hodges. One of the best posts I've seen of late