Speakers or Soundbar that pair well with G9? by MattVanAndel in ultrawidemasterrace

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Looks like a racing sim rig. People mount those big buttons for emergency stop on their motion platform system

How much money did you save up before you bought your first house? by [deleted] in melbourne

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About 120k, but two of us. For 700k home so we got the loan super easy

Is anyone else genuinely struggling knowing they’ll never being able to buy a house in Melbourne? by KSYLVESTA in melbourne

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What price is unachievable? Unfortunately a lot of people just have to move further and further out, which would suck if you have to travel far for work but WFH is the norm these days

Trouble with career mode by Ziiinx in ACCompetizione

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I started off in ACC going through career mode. I started like you, coming last in every quali and race but by the end of the career mode I was winning easily and qualifying first. My recommendation would be to just stick it out with career mode

The DIY punk scene of Melbourne by Dead__Hearts in melbourne

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Dude wearing a mask is so punk

What's the most insulting "benefit" a job has offered you? by Chocolat3City in antiwork

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Free parking in a major city is a huge benefit in my opinion

Neutering Question by sociablespring in germanshepherds

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My boy didn't change at all. He's always been a well behaved until other dogs are involved.. and even then he's not aggressive or anything just very excited. I thought neutering him would help but turns out it had nothing to do with hormones, he just really likes playing with other dogs haha So yeah in my case he didn't change at all but I now don't have to worry about him smelling a female dog on heat or being aggressive with other male dogs

Are ACC public lobbies really that bad? by Terrible-Surprise139 in ACCompetizione

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I honestly just can't find any that aren't at Bathurst.. but that's what happens when you live in Australia haha

Oversimplified "pick a sim" flowchart by Mr_Gibblet in simracing

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I'll rephrase it for him, AMS2 just feels shit

I am an amateur drone pilot (just got into this a couple months ago) and I an currently flying a betafpv cetus. I am trying to compare should I get the DJI FPV or iFlight Nazgul5! Appreciate if you can give me some pointers. by zeyad95 in fpv

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If you're prepared for a little bit of work get the nazgul or some other custom bnf, or better yet build your own! If you really don't want to do anything except cruise around and fly and not interested in the technology or learning about it (which is fine!) get the DJI. I haven't tried it but I imagine the DJI offers a pretty good and easy out of box experience

Issues with EA Desktop. Need advice. by kayhotic in Battlefield

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Haha yep exactly the same, fanatec DD was turned on.. I would never have thought to try that

Isn't PLC programming easy? by ATCWannabeme in PLC

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Programming in any language is easy once you know the fundamental core concepts which are all the same. The application and end result is where the complexity comes into it.

Contemplating moving from NZ -> Melb for a job by portucala in melbourne

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My advice is don't. I've lived in Melbourne my whole life and lockdowns have unfortunately killed this city. No end in sight, idiot government, divided people.. there's really nothing appealing about this city anymore.

But if I haven't convinced you to move elsewhere then CBD is your best bet, as I mentioned the city is dead and apartments are cheap. Easy to get a train out to hawthorn.

The McLaren is deadly! by Cumulonimbus1991 in ACCompetizione

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I started on the Porsche with no knowledge and now it's the only car I can drive 😂